Today’s New & Noteworthy stories include Malcolm Gladwell’s gripping exploration of the evolution of school shootings in “Thresholds of Violence: School Shootings Catch On,” from The New Yorker. Gladwell unpacks the idea that the “threshold” for committing such crimes—i.e., the moment at which a person will decide to harm many other people—has become alarmingly low.

Also today, a look at capitalism and its discontents in “Million-Dollar Babies: Just Don’t Call ‘Em Loan Sharks” in Bloomberg Businessweek. Two young guys from Brooklyn sold their cash-advance business for $40 million, leaving a trail of bankrupt borrowers and questionable business practices. But has their massive payday brought them satisfaction?

“The Town & Country 50 Political Families” list offers a glimpse into the clans that have the potential, power and cash to affect the presidential race. Some have deep political roots—Kennedy, Cuomo, Bush—while others are newly planted—such as Munger, Ellison and Mostyn.

For those of us without scions for parents, Family Fun shares its list of the year’s best toys in “So Much Fun.” From mustachioed disguise kits to Disney Descendants—a series of dolls who are the teen offspring of Disney villains—there’s something for everyone. The prize for best-named toy goes to “Yeti in My Spaghetti,” which ranked #1.

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Thresholds of Violence

The New Yorker

Million-Dollar Babies: Just Don't Call 'Em Loan Sharks

Bloomberg Businessweek

The T&C 50 Political Families

Town & Country

So Much Fun

Family Fun