We’ve added five new Collections to the Highlights screen today:

GQ The VanishingUnsolved Mysteries: Malaysia Airlines (7 stories)
It may well be one of the great mysteries of our time: What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? And how, just four months later, was Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down over Ukraine?

Throwback Thursday: Howard Stern (4 stories)
The King of All Media has ruled the airwaves for more than two decades. Look back at his multifaceted—and often NSFW!—career.

Quick Reads: The Columnists (4 stories)
We may not always agree, but we appreciate their thoughtful perspective on the issues of our day. This week, Michael Kinsley on Trump, Joe Klein on Middle East policy, Romana King on homeownership, and Alexa von Tobel on personal finance.

Men's Journal bootsOutfit of the Week (6 stories)
Raise your hand if you LOVE boot season! Fashion editors pick this year’s best boots for men and women.

DIY: Jack O’Lanterns (10 stories)
All You pumpkins
Because every kid should have a pumpkin with a mustache at least once in life. Check out these creepy, creative and adorable Halloween ideas.


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