We’re moving into sneezing season, but you can prepare to elude sick days with the stay-well tips below. And if you’re feeling really fit, we’ve got advice that’ll psych you up to run 26.2 miles—or more.

Have a great (and healthy) weekend!

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The Sneezin' Season

Your Ultimate Cold and Flu Survival Guide


Sick days? No way! Fight off seasonal sniffles with these expert-approved prevention and get-well strategies, from acupressure to zinc.

Why Don't We Have a Cure for the Common Cold?


Even though the common cold is the primary reason American adults miss work and kids miss school, there’s still no cure. Here’s why.

What's Inside Fluzone Flu Vaccine


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Why Are You So Snotty?

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Celebrating National Pasta Day

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Oh, the PASTAbilities

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Ready to Run?

Is 100 Miles the New Marathon?

Running Times

Now that 26.2 miles is mainstream, more people, including elite road racers, are considering ultra distances and what it takes to finish them.

The Racer's Brain

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The head psychologist for the Boston Marathon is here to help you face, and overcome, race-day challenges. Get coping mechanisms for four common mental obstacles.

Faster, Stronger, Better


What would it take to reach your true athletic potential? One weekend warrior heads to the U.S Olympic training center to find out.

Training Gear: Running Shoes

Outside Magazine

Do you pick your shoes for speed, or for comfort? Today’s most innovative footwear lives at the intersection of these conflicting design principles.

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