The sexiest dragon mom alive, Gaga the giver and more in today’s New & Noteworthy

Emilia Clarke describes herself as “round and brown.” Esquire calls her the Sexiest Woman Alive. You decide for yourself as the Mother of Dragons graces the pages of the new issue…and dons a disguise to play a parlor game with total strangers.

How much can you accomplish in a year? More than you think, if Outside magazine has anything to say about it. Follow their 365-day bucket list to all manner of adventure, from swimming with school-bus-size whale sharks to sleeping in a hammock at the tippy top of an old-growth Douglas fir. Also on the list: Lock eyes with a gorilla. Gulp.


Billboard Elton Gaga 1When was the last time you played a song on repeat, because it just got to you? Now imagine that power transformed into action to help people around the world. Sounds like a stretch, but it’s not. Billboard profiles the top philanthropists in the music industry—like Elton John, Lady Gaga and Ludacris—who are using their influence to fight disease, help struggling teens and more.


Coveting a luscious leather club chair? Not sure whether to invest in that new distressed-oak dining room table? Check out HGTV Magazine‘s list of 50 Things You’ll Never Get Tired Of for some guidance and—let’s face it—retail validation.

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