VF Hall of Secrets“Was Walter Perry so stupid as to think that nobody would ever notice that he’d cashed 362 checks to himself?” -John Sedgwick, writing in Vanity Fair

It sounds like the setup for a sentimental coming-of-age film: a secret society at an Ivy League institution. Generations of privileged young men passing through its halls. An elderly member guarding the mystique, until, one day, scandal erupts, and he is thrown in jail—by his own brotherhood. Vanity Fair investigates the very real case against Walter Perry, former board president of Columbia’s St. Anthony Hall.

 Glamour Sarah Silverman“If there’s life after death, I hope there’s comedy.” -Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman has always mined her life experience for laughs. Now she uses it for drama, too, with her starring role in the upcoming film I Smile BackShe tells Glamour about her ongoing struggle with depression—from its onset when she was 13, through the days when she was “just a ball on the floor,” to her full life today.

ESPN The Magazine Brandon Armstron“[I would] prefer not to put a dollar amount out there, but, yes, it is a very legit income.” -Brandon Armstrong

What’s better than being an NBA star? Playing one on YouTube! ESPN The Magazine goes to the mall with viral video star Brandon Armstrong, whose on-point parodies of NBA players have vaulted him to online success. What’s behind his hilarious, homegrown spoofs? And what will he do next (after shoe shopping and lunch at the food court, that is)?

Runners World Yuki 1“I hope to run in races all over Japan and around the world, no matter how old I get, until I die.” -Japanese marathoner Yuki Kawauchi

He’s a humble government worker by trade, but when he laces up his running shoes and hits the marathon course, Yuki Kawauchi transforms into a national folk hero. Kawauchi runs everything from half marathons to ultra marathons to the world marathon majors—and he runs them all fast. Find out what drives him in Runner’s World.

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