The time is ripe…for carving a pumpkin, for turning ripe apples into yummy tarts, and for taking a lesson on living to a ripe old age. (And you can do it all really efficiently if you steal some tricks from the most productive people on the planet!)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. And a read per day enters you in our Giveaway.

Our Editors' Picks

Secrets of the Most Productive People

Fast Company

From the halls of Google and Microsoft to high-end kitchens and the L.A. mayor’s office, ultra-busy professionals—including Oprah Winfrey, Aziz Ansari, and DJ Steve Aoki—offer the best ways to break through all the clutter.

Sex on Campus: Hookup Culture

New York Magazine

An on-the-ground survey of what it means to be young and in lust in 2015. Feminists, frat boys, and asexuals are the heirs to the sexual revolution. This story explores the current politics of hookups.

The 365-Day Bucket List

Outside Magazine

That mental list you keep of all the fun things you want to experience before it’s too late? Outside came up with a chronological plan to make it all happen. One year. 46 ideas. Guaranteed happiness.

Help! My Parents are Millennials


They’ve shaped the culture of being always on. Now millennials have a new focus: their children. With fewer expectations of what a family should look like, they’re changing the way we raise kids.

It's National Apple Month

Found Fruit

Rodale's Organic Life

Heirloom apples blow red delicious away, and the proof is on the plate, in dishes like a savory apple-cornbread dressing and a sweet apple butter tart.

Why Not Try...Apples

Real Simple

Let’s be honest: An apple a day is kind of boring. But apple and sausage monkey bread, or a caramel apple ice cream float? Now you’re talking.

Apple of My Eye

Weight Watchers

It happens every year: You overbuy at the farmers’ market. Who can resist? Once you’ve gotten your fill of the crunch of crisp autumn apples, tuck into these sweet, savory dishes.

Celebrating the Apple Harvest


The Ricardo staff celebrated apple season with a harvest feast in the orchard, with baskets full of ripe apples and plenty of delicious recipe ideas.

Men: How to Live Longer

How Not to Die


Half of all men who die in this country this year will be killed by heart disease, stroke, or cancer. Get simplified, prioritized advice on minimizing the risks of dying before your time.

Testosterone for Sale

Men's Health

A lot of things can dim the fireball inside a middle-aged guy. Is low T an illness, a part of aging, an excuse to sell meds, or all of the above? Grab your balls and read on.

How to Game Your Hormones

Men's Journal

The path to more energy, a sharper mind, and a stronger body is a matter of chemistry. Get attuned to a few essential hormones and you can hack better health.

Guys and Docs

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Men avoid doctors like the plague, even when it seems as if they might have the plague. Here, five symptoms you should never ignore.

Countdown to Halloween

Spooky and Sweet

All You

Don’t be scared! Make one—or a few—of these impressive (and frighteningly easy) treats for a kid-friendly Halloween party.

Pumpkin Palooza

Woman's Day

Machines and monsters and owls, oh my! Greet trick-or-treaters with these easy-to-carve (or no-carve) creations.

Haunt + Gather

Martha Stewart Living

When the air turns cool and the nights grow longer, transform gourds into creepy characters, bring a flock of crows to the front door, and more.

Halloween at the Bates Motel

Food & Wine

Max Thieriot, of TV’s creepy Bates Motel, is also an up-and-coming winemaker. Here he’s cast in a wine-centric Sonoma-style Halloween dinner.

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