This weekend, you might take a walk with witches, read a spooky story (see below), or enjoy an above-average amount of chocolate (like us). But, unless you’re in Arizona or Hawaii, you’ll definitely roll your clocks back. We don’t want you to lose sleep over any of that, so we’ve included a set of sleep-secret stories too.

Happy Reading and Happy Halloween!

Our Editors' Picks

Alone, Adrift, Alive

Men's Journal

In November 2012 two fishermen set out in a 25-foot open-air boat off the coast of Mexico. 438 days later, one of them arrived on a remote island in the South Pacific. This is his story.

101 Reasons to Travel Now

National Geographic Traveler

From a secret beach to an iconic work of art, the reasons that inspire us to travel are as myriad as stars. Here are the best tastes, places, experiences, and ideas we’re currently crazy about.

50 Things You'll Never Get Tired Of

HGTV Magazine

Here’s the ultimate shopping list for no-stress decorating. Get these classics now—like this leather club chair, 1920s-style pedestal sink, or bamboo-shaped flatware—and you’ll love them forever.

The Sarah Silverman You Never Knew


She’s hilarious and irreverent, but the comedian has also lived through some “very dark years.” She opens up about her battle with depression and her gutsiest career move yet.

Spooky Stories for Halloween

The Devil's Tongue


The Salem witch trials of 1692 are indelibly burned into the American imagination. But the true motives of the mysterious “witness” at the center of the trials remain one of America’s greatest secrets.

The Strange and Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit


For nearly 30 years, an unseen phantom haunted the woods of central Maine. He lived in secret, creeping into homes, surviving on what he could steal. Could this hermit possibly be real?

Be Afraid

New York Magazine

Thirty years after Freddy Krueger first gave us nightmares, horror—in movies and on TV—could be the cultural cure-all for what ails us. Here, an obsessive guide to our obsession with horror.

Ghost Town U.S.A.

Boys' Life

Dotted all across the country are ghost towns, the mysterious remains of once-thriving communities that sprang up overnight and died sometimes just as fast.

Sleep Well This Season

Counting Sleep


Being short on shut-eye is sharply raising our risks of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. But breathe easy. There’s a solution that will have you sleeping fine.

The Cult of No Sleep


Almost 70% of teens aren’t getting enough sleep. Inside the scary world of all-nighters, where the more tired you are, the more accepted you feel.

Deep Sleep Guide

Woman's Day

What you do during the day makes a big difference in how well-rested you feel when you wake up. Here, morning-to-night tips to prep your body for its most restorative sleep.

Cracking the Sleep Code


Can big data—and input from millions of fitness trackers—unlock the mysteries of our national insomnia? Researchers today are rethinking the rules of rest.

Recipes You Can’t Squash

Awash in Squash

Rachael Ray Every Day

Why should pumpkins have all the fun? When you hit your local patch, haul home some winter squash for these gourd-geous dinners.

Squash Rules

Vegetarian Times

Winter squash cooks in less time than carrots or potatoes. These autumn recipes make for time-saving, healthy side dishes.

Squash, Anyone?

Martha Stewart Living

Few foods celebrate autumn better than squashes. Here are six options focused on three favorite varieties: butternut, acorn, and kabocha.

Play Squash


Let this funky-looking cast of characters join you for dinner. Their hard skin hides sweet flesh inside, and we promise they’ll be tasty.

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