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Texture Highlights Nov 9th

Man Crush Monday

Are you head over heels for Glamour ‘Guy of the Month’ Chris Hemsworth and his Australian accent? Does ever-intense actor Clive Owen make you swoon? Read about Chris Hemsworth’s latest movie ‘Heart of the Sea’ in Glamour and Clive Owen’s ideal role in Interview.

Texture Highlights: Man Crush Monday

Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month

Peanut butter is just so delicious it deserves its own month. Jump into the ooey, gooey goodness of some of our favorite PB recipes inside the app.

Texture Highlights: peanut-butter-lovers

The World Through Ben Carson’s Surgical Magnifying Glass

Why does the surging Republican Candidate say so many inflammatory things? Do his upbringing, his faith, and his friends provide an answer? Newsweek investigates.

Texture Highlights: ben-carson

The Triumphant Return of Adele

“It’d be a bit tragic to do another heartbreak album—not even tragic, a cliché!” Rolling Stone brings us an exclusive glimpse at Adele’s life in the years since 21, and goes behind the making of “Hello” and her forthcoming album, 25. 

Texture Highlights: Adele