Feeling the need to fly the coop? We’ve got the best beers and the coolest cars. More in the mood to nest? You’ll love the turkey day tips and gift-list guidance. Don’t miss our special Thanksgiving Headquarters category in the app, where we’ve gathered the best stories into collections like Home and Table and How to Host.

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Our Editors' Picks

The OUT 100: President Obama

OUT Magazine

In this 21st annual portfolio, OUT pays tribute to this year’s most compelling newsmaker, artist, athlete, and more. Includes an interview with President Obama, ally of the year.

She's the One

Rolling Stone

Celebrate the triumphant return of Adele, with this candid interview that covers lots of ground, from moving past heartbreak to motherhood and feeling out of place among celebrities.

I Found My Secret Sister

Marie Claire

All families have secrets. But what if the secret was a person? A sibling you didn’t know about, or one hidden in plain sight? These women learned the truth, and their lives were never the same.

Top 25 Beers of the Year

DRAFT Magazine

Each of the beers on this list was packaged for the first time this year. Seek them out, and you’re likely to agree: A beer renaissance is in full swing.

The Car Report

Esquire's Car Awards 2015


It might not stir the loins, but here’s the thing: We’re living in a golden age of sedans. Each of the finalists for Car of the Year demonstrate that cars—actual cars—have never been better.

The Most & Least Reliable New Cars

Consumer Reports

One of the main reasons people buy a brand-new car is the promise of no-hassle ownership, but new technologies are not always good. Here’s your early-warning system.

How Cars Drive Men

Men's Health

Okay, so it probably takes more than a reliable car to make you a CEO, but a car does more than transport you, it also moves you. So try to treat it right.

Welcome to the Smash Lab

Popular Mechanics

At the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, cars die so that you can live. Unless you’re gonna buy a Volvo and call it a day, pay attention to the IIHS’s results.

Countdown to Thanksgiving

Make-Ahead Thanksgiving

Southern Living

A house filled with loved ones who traveled from near and far, and your quality time is spent with the stove? Every dish on this menu is make-ahead—just reheat and assemble.

The Good Bird Guide

Rodale's Organic Life

Conventional turkeys come with high environmental and ethical costs you don’t see at checkout. This holiday, try a humanely raised, intensely tasty alternative.

Turkey, Gravy & Dressing

Cooking Light

Foolproof techniques to perfect the holy trinity of the Thanksgiving table. Tip: Map out the cook time for every dish, leaving the golden turkey-resting hour for reheating sides.

The Relaxed Thanksgiving


For the couple behind Healdsburg’s Shed, the holiday is all about the local harvest and friends pitching in. Includes the menu, from buttermilk cornbread stuffing to poached pears.

Kickstart Your Holiday Shopping

100 Holiday Gifts for $50 or Less

Real Simple

Ideas for teen and toddlers, friends and foodies, parents and pets. Plus a handful over $50 that are just too good to leave out.

Gear of the Year

Men's Journal

From sleeping bags to gravel bikes to Bluetooth speakers, there’s a lot of great stuff. But only the best make the cut after 12 months of testing and torturing.

Oprah's Favorite Things

O, The Oprah Magazine

“I’ve been picking my Favorite Things for more than 20 years, but this year’s list just might be the most versatile and fun ever.” —Oprah

The 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Family Circle

78 incredible finds for everyone—yes, everyone—on your list, from $10. Ideas for tweens, families, the hostess, and more.

New Issues

ESPN The Magazine


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