We’ve just made magazine reading better than ever for our Android users, adding three new features to the Texture app. Simply install the latest update to get Top Stories, an updated look for Categories, and the Time to Read icon, on top of all the new features we released in August.


Top Stories
Just head to your Favorites to see the Top Stories from the magazines you care about most. Selected from your favorite titles daily, Top Stories reflect the trending topics that other Texture readers are buzzing about.

We introduced Categories for Android users back in August, but now a new look for smartphones makes it easier than ever to browse the entire Texture catalog. Tap any Category at the top, then swipe down to check out every magazine that covers your interest.

Time to Read
Looking for a quick read? The new Time to Read icon lets you know how long a Top Story will take to read, so that you can dive in now or come back to it later.

Not yet a subscriber? Access all our new features when you start your 30-day free trial.

Happy Reading!