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Bill Simmons’ Q&A with the President of the United States


“At one point during the hour I spent interviewing [President Obama] at the White House this fall, he casually compared himself to Aaron Rodgers, and he wasn’t bragging.” In GQ’s exclusive white house interview, the leader of the free world sits down with the free agent of the year—HBO’s Bill Simmons—to discuss the Obama era and beyond.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Amber Heard and Claire Danes



Growing up, Amber Heard was determined to leave the confines of her small Texas hometown—and she’s done it in a big way. The world-wandering actress, who costars in this month’s ‘The Danish Girl,’ has made the world her playground.

Claire Danes may disappear in to intense roles, but in real life, she reveals herself to be goofy, funny, and a bit philosophical. See Amber Heard in Marie Claire, Claire Danes in Allure, and the rest of our woman-crushes on the Highlights page in your Texture app.

 ‘Paris Was Not About Religion’ by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


After the attack on French newspaper Charlie Hebdo back in January 2015, six-time NBA champion and New York Times best-selling author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had this to say. “Violence committed in the name of religion is never about religion—it’s about money.” Read the full commentary in TIME.