It’s official: The holiday season has arrived! We’re ushering it in with delicious inspiration for your turkey day leftovers and bright ideas for your Cyber Monday shopping.

HHTY (Happy Holidays to You)


Our Editors' Picks

The Interview: Bernie Sanders

Rolling Stone

The self-styled “democratic socialist” is the unlikeliest of political sensations. Here, he talks about challenging Hillary, taking on the one percent, and why he believes his radical campaign will prevail.

Yes, You Can Eat Fat


Don’t ban the F word from your diet. The right kinds (monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids) can reduce your risk of cancer and obesity, protect your heart, and make you brainier.

Big Short, Big Screen

Vanity Fair

Nothing about Michael Lewis’ best-seller, based on the 2008 financial crisis, said, “This could be a major movie.” And then Brad Pitt and Adam McKay happened. The author talks about his spectator role as his books go to the big screen.

It's More Than Just Oil

Bloomberg Businessweek

So far, U.S. efforts to cut off Islamic State’s funds have failed, and the terrorist army has diverse nonoil assets. Here’s why ISIS has all the money it needs.

Reinvent Leftovers

Holiday Cookbook: Leftovers

Cooking Light

Turkey sandwiches get old fast. Here, Thanksgiving leftovers are made over into sliders, snacks, casseroles, and more. No one will guess they’re leftovers.

Leftover Love


No matter how delicious your holiday meal was, you want those turkey leftovers to taste like something new, right? Here, five day-after recipes that deserve to be their own tradition.

Reinvent Your Leftovers

Clean Eating

Leftover turkey can easily be used up in sammies and casseroles. But what to do with those leftover sides? Here are a few ways to turn green beans, cranberry sauce, and stuffing into all-new recipes.

Make Leftovers Legendary

DRAFT Magazine

Rather than putting your microwave on overdrive, take a few minutes to mix up these super-simple recipes that use the ingredients you already have—plus beer—and bring new life to holiday classics.

Gift Guides: Tech, Gadgets & Gear

Best Stuff of the Year


To find the most drool-worthy gadgets and gear, the GQ team spent 12 months riding hoverboards and electric motorcycles around the office. Bad for maintenance, good for you.

Smartphone Stocking Stuffers

PC Magazine

Not every gadget needs to break the bank. For the phone lovers in your life, there are plenty of quality accessories for less than $25—and not just in that bin by the checkout.

Wish List


Sixty-eight of the coolest products for giving, getting, and drooling over this holiday season. Find gifts for friends who like to entertain, create, stay active, and more.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Sound & Vision

You don’t want to be the one who gives questionable—OK, useless—presents. Here, a dozen pre-screened gifts at prices starting as low as 30 bucks.

Movers & Shakers in Business 2015

"These Things Can't Fail"

Fast Company

As Facebook has grown, so too have CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions. An inside look at how his vision for virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and drones will cement his dominance for the next decade.

The Coors Family Branches Out


The billionaire clan is known for beer. But more of its wealth now comes from a secretive ceramics company that is redefining how a family business operates.

2015's Top People in Business


This annual ranking of corporate chieftains is all about concrete results. Sure, intangibles and inspiration matter, but what counts most is cold, hard cash—and these superstars delivered.

Innovators: Cloud, Star Wars, and Unicorns


2015 was a year of big ideas, big gambles, and big changes. Some businesses looked to the cloud; others to the stars. Here are the entrepreneurs behind the milestone moments that shaped 2015.

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