We’re feelin’ festive and in the mood for holiday baking and shopping. To celebrate the season, we’re sharing cookie recipes that have us dusting off our mixing bowls, a roundup of the top expert-recommended toys, and 10 Days of Giveaways.

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Our Editors' Picks

Dan Price: Hero?

Bloomberg Businessweek

This year, Dan Price, the young CEO of Gravity Payments, told his staff he was raising their minimum salary to $70,000 a year. Some employees saw their wages double. Price has his reasons for the increase. And altruism may not be one of them.

Technology and the American Teenager

Popular Mechanics

Today’s high school students are the first to be raised wholly in the digital age. They don’t know a time without smartphones, selfies, or the ability to broadcast every emotion. They’re more alone (and more together) than humans have ever been. What’s that like for them?

A Most Violent Year

New York Magazine

A year after Freddie Gray’s death, murders in Baltimore have soared, and the relationship between violence and policing has never been more complicated. Baltimore is “The Laboratory City.”

Tina! Amy! (Is There Anyone Else, Ever?)


Individually, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are two of the greats. But together? Well, there’s no one better. Let the ultimate power pair, costarring again in Sisters, explain their two-decade friendship.

Satisfy Your Holiday Sweet Tooth

50 Gift Jars

Food Network Magazine

Whip up a tasty homemade gift for all the food lovers in your life. From candy cane cookie dough to pickled winter vegetables, there’s something for everyone.

The Everything Guide to Holiday Cookies

Country Living

Get the (baked) goods on delicious new recipes, pretty packaging ideas, clever shortcuts, and more. The only thing that’s missing is frosty glass of milk.

May Your Holidays be Sweet

Woman's Day

We’re dreaming of a white (and red) Christmas, complete with deliciously whimsical desserts to bake and share. Includes red-and-white chocolate bark, Santa hat meringues, and more.

Make a Cookie, Give a Cookie, Keep a Cookie

HGTV Magazine

Bake these goodies, wrap them in festive packages, and save a few for yourself. Now that’s a recipe for a happy holiday.

Top Gifts for Kids

The Ultimate Toy Guide 2015

Today's Parent

Today’s Parent tested all the latest toys with real families to bring you 90 of the best picks for every kid on your list.

Best Toy Awards 2015

Good Housekeeping

Experts screened 500+ new toys for safety, quality, and skill-building. Then kid testers named the bestest of all. These are the top 25 holiday-hit toys.

Parents Best Toys 2015


At Parents, they get the year’s new toys months before the holidays (lucky them) and invite kids of all ages to come give them a whirl (lucky them again).

Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List


Whether you’re shopping for kids’ tech gadgets or fair-trade mittens, MoneySense helps you make the right smart-spender choice.

2015 People of the Year

Nike's Master Craftsman


Nike CEO Mark Parker, an introverted sneaker designer, has doubled revenues and profits for the footwear and apparel powerhouse and boosted its stock price sixfold. Here’s how he plans to keep the winning streak alive.

Entertainer of the Year: Jennifer Lawrence

Entertainment Weekly

At just 25, she’s both an Oscar winner and Hollywood’s most bankable actress. Now, as she bids farewell to Katniss and hello to her most adult role yet, Jennifer Lawrence is discovering her own power. And she’s done playing games.

The Ultimate Men's Health Guy 2015

Men's Health

This year’s cover contest attracted hundreds of men, thousands of abs, and amazing stories of selflessness, grit, and triumph. Tim Boniface won with his dedication to duty, killer smile, and great meatballs!

SportsKid of the Year

Sports Illustrated Kids

This year’s five finalists demonstrated initiative, kindness, and an awareness of the world around them. One young athlete stood out from the rest. Meet Reece Whitley, the 2015 SportsKid of the year.

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