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Our newest food and cooking magazine, Gluten-Free Living, is the first and only magazine devoted to the gluten-free lifestyle. Every issue offers easy, healthy recipes alongside in-depth stories on labelling and ingredients, the latest news on medical research, and tips on raising a gluten-free child. Expert journalists, backed by medical professionals and nutritionists, offer advice for both beginners and GF devotees.

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From Paris to Provence

Famed French cuisine increasingly includes GF choices, from baguettes to galettes.

A Bowlful of Comfort

One-bowl wonders are an effortless, weeknight-friendly way to pack protein, vegetables and grains into the same meal.

Kids Kitchen: Cool Kabobs

With the help of cookie cutters, fresh fruit and skewer sticks, kids will love making these fun fruit kabobs.

The Evolution of Support Groups

Gluten Intolerance Group’s Cynthia Kupper on how celiac disease advocacy organizations avoid becoming dinosaurs in changing times.