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As the year winds down, we’ve tapped some of our favorite editors to look back on their best stories of the year. Here, Woman’s Day Editor-in-Chief Susan Spencer discusses her magazine’s highlights as well as the stories that moved her most in 2015.

My most memorable Woman’s Day story of the year:


“Home At Last” (June 2015) focuses on Suzy Mellen, who was wrongly convicted of murder and incarcerated for 17 years. The story follows the arc of her conviction and time in jail, then her 2014 release into a very different world. It’s supported by lovely images that show Suzy’s life with her family today, including her new baby grandson. Heartwarming but with a news edge, the story is a great example of WD’s “woman next door” stories, which depict ordinary Americans in extraordinary circumstances.

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The 2015 story I admire most: 


Meticulously reported and beautifully written, “Unfollow” by Adrian Chen is precisely why I love The New Yorker (though I’m perpetually two issues behind). I was fascinated by this insightful examination of both a religious sect and a young woman who came to know her own heart through social media.

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The 2015 story that surprised me most:


I was both surprised and moved by People’s decision to run the names and contact information of every member of Congress in its October 19 issue after a mass shooting in Oregon. It was brave and smart and necessary.

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My favorite Woman’s Day cover of 2015:


Our fresh, playful July/August cover, which featured cute animals—a frog and a turtle—carved out of watermelons. It’s exactly what our readers wanted from Woman’s Day this year: a fun image plus a terrific idea that they can replicate at home.

Make the edible centerpieces with instructions in Texture.

My favorite 2015 cover from another publication:


While my inner fangirl wants me to say the Entertainment Weekly cover with Rick, Carol and Daryl of The Walking Dead, I’ll go with Saveur’s October 2015 lobster linguine cover. I wanted to eat that dish so badly—which is of course the point of a well-executed food cover.

Read the Entertainment Weekly ‘The Walking Dead’ cover story and get the Saveur ‘Lobster Linguine’ recipe in Texture.

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