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After a year full of amazing magazine stories and covers, we’ve caught up with some of our favorite editors to find out their highlights of 2015. Here, Essence Editor-in-Chief Vanessa De Luca discusses the covers she loved and the stories that moved her most in 2015.

My most memorable Essence story of the year:


Our package on the 29 Black Women of the White House that ran in the November 2015 issue was a winner. The response to the story in print, online and in social media was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. One reader wrote to us, “I never knew that so many Black women supported the president behind the scenes.” Another told us, “Let’s revel in the glory of powerful Black women in the White House because we may not see this again for a long time.” This story memorably delivered on our mission, which is to tell Black women’s stories like no one else can.

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The 2015 story I admire most: 


The TIME magazine cover story on the Charleston AME shootings was particularly poignant in the amount of depth and texture that was used to tell the story.

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The 2015 story that surprised me most:


The story wasn’t in print, it was a behind the scenes video of Donald Trump being photographed for a TIME cover story with a bald eagle. It added some much-needed levity to what has already proved to be a tumultuous presidential race.

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My favorite Essence cover of 2015:


Our February 2015 Black Lives Matter cover, hands down. It was the first in our 45-year-history not to feature a person. And during Black History Month, it truly resonated with our audience.

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My favorite 2015 cover from another publication:


I absolutely loved EW‘s cover interview with Amy Schumer–the photographs in particular were cheeky and fun.

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