You say you want a resolution? From food to finances, this weekend we’ve got inspired ways to eat clean, bulk up your wallet or ease into a metabolic burn.

Or if you’re more interested in years past than years new, try a really old one… specifically 1925, the year we last visited Downton Abbey, which returns Sunday night.

If that’s not your cup of tea, there’s always Cool Jesus or Ted Cruz.

Wishing you an “appy” New Year!

Editors' Picks

The Challenger Disaster: 30 Years Later

Popular Mechanics

It was supposed to be one of the greatest achievements in the history of the United States space program. In an instant, it became an American tragedy.

What Would Cool Jesus Do?


Hillsong is the church of choice for Bieber and Durant. Services are packed with people who look like they just stepped out of the club. Can Christianity really be this cool, or is this just a hat-wearing hipster cult?

The Art of Aging

Real Simple

Author Julianna Baggott’s daughter made a sculpture inspired by her mother’s body, forcing the writer to reflect on the nature of beauty, aging…and aging beautifully.

How Ted Cruz Is Winning the GOP Race...on the Ground


Say what you will about Senator Ted Cruz, the Texas Republican and presidential candidate who can come across as bullheaded, and who never shies away from a bipartisan fight. Just don’t call him lazy.

2016: New Year, New You

You Are the Spark!

Oprah Magazine

“The difference between wanting a change and sustaining it comes down to one crucial factor: motivation. Oprah finds out what it really takes to build the life we long for.

The Super 7


Calorie-melting moves! Expert-chosen and lab-tested, these champion burners and firmers will work off the pounds, jump start your routine and revamp your body in record time.

The Best Places to Visit: 2016

Men's Health

From an Alaskan ice field to a float-in bar on a North Carolina river, these unforgettable spots are small in population but huge in their potential for adrenaline-spiking adventure.

Power Up

Bon Appétit

Smoothies are hotter and yummier than ever, especially this quartet. All are rich in superfoods such as beets, kale and ginger. And the banana-coffee-cocoa blend will brighten any morning.

2016: Money Matters

Smart Money: Make 2016 Your Year to Prosper


Want your financial picture to shine? Take these steps now, and you just might wake up in a year with a satisfied smile on your face.

Should Men & Women Manage Money Differently?


When it comes to investing, women want to feel comfortable, while men bet the bank. These divergent views can prove costly in retirement…unless you talk them through up front.

Let's Get Money Fit


Time for a fresh start in life and in your finances! Try these 21 steps to get your money matters in tip-top shape…and to grow your wealth in 2016.

Yes, You Should Invest!


A recent survey showed that only 26 percent of Americans under 30 own stock-based investments. Alex von Tobel, the author of Financially Fearless, wants you to join that club!

The Return of Downton Abbey

Cheerio to All That

Entertainment Weekly

As the cast of the beloved dramedy of manors prepare for the final season, premiering Jan. 3 in the U.S., they reminisce about the show that changed their lives.

Apptitude: Get Thee to the Abbey

Sound & Vision

When no fewer than 15 characters died in the first five seasons, how’s a fan to keep it all straight? There’s an app for that! (Well, several, actually.) What would the Dowager Countess think?

Aristocracy Revisited

Bloomberg Businessweek

If the first five seasons were about the structure of class divisions in English society, the sixth and final season sees those divisions crumbling.

The Most Happy Fellowes

Vanity Fair

How did middling actor Julian Fellowes become the creator, producer and writer of a transatlantic hit? A look back at the man who gave us Abbey fever.

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Wine Enthusiast

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