Make way for a bourbon caper from Men’s Journal (and Time‘s exclusive on Barbie’s new bod).

Make time to read Flint native Stephen Rodrick’s deeply felt story on the poisoning of his hometown for Rolling Stone.

Make note of the candidates’ significant others.

Make sure you check out our Super Bowl party game plan.

We’ve got you covered.

—The Texture Team

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Editors' Picks

The Great Whiskey Heist

Men's Journal

How one distillery worker enlisted friends, family and a few steroid-users to steal a fortune in top-shelf bourbon…one barrel at a time.

A Barbie For Every Body


The world’s most infamous figure is getting a makeover (or rather, three of them). Mattel’s new Barbie doll’s got back!

Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan?

Rolling Stone

Some 30 years after leaving Flint, writer Stephen Rodrick returned to the town he grew up in to find a toxic disaster, giant government failure and countless children exposed to lead.

The Real State of Real Estate

Consumer Reports

Whether you’re buying, selling, renting or remodeling, you’ll want to read this guide to the changing rules of real estate.

Host a Winning Super Bowl Party

Meals That Score

Good Housekeeping

A make-ahead menu of cheesy meatballs and coconut curry bowls so you can spend Sunday watching the screen, not the stovetop.

Healthy Super Spreads

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Leave it to Dr. Oz to serve up better-for-you versions of game day eats from turkey chili to the must-have nachos.

25 Beers Worth Cheering For

DRAFT Magazine

No Bud for you. Treat yourself and your guests to coffee-tinged porters, sour ales and a spicy pilsner that is a total touchdown.

Mix and Match Hot Wings

Food Network Magazine

Give those tired Buffalo wings a pass and create the perfect platter of mango-curry or garlic-balsamic-flavored chicken. Top them off with tasty sauces that are worth a double dip.

January's Top Reads

One Small Change Diet

Real Simple

Sometimes bigger isn’t better. When it comes to dieting, finding a tiny variation that works for you (eat veggies first, keep the candy bowl across the room) can make all the difference.

El Chapo Speaks

Rolling Stone

Sean Penn’s controversial story on notorious drug lord El Chapo Guzman sparked debate over the ethics of the interview; even the actor told 60 Minutes that the article “failed.”

The Paradox of Sleeping Pills

Consumer Reports

Forget counting sheep; Americans doled out billions of dollars in 2015 trying to get some shuteye. But are chemical sleep aids worth the risk?

Under Armour's Big Bet


Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank built the athletic clothing company into a $4 billion giant. Next up: mobile apps, and hopefully beating out Nike to become the No.1 sportswear maker.

The People Behind the Candidates

At Home with Bernie Sanders


Sanders’ family reveals his private side (he likes slow-dancing in the living room!). Says wife Jane: “When he finally asked me to marry him, in the parking lot at Friendly’s, I thought…he’s somebody you can count on.”

Trump Card

Town & Country

A savvy businesswoman, soon-to-be mother of three, and a growing brand in her own right: Ivanka Trump has turned into her father’s biggest asset.

Hillary's Other Daughter

Vanity Fair

Hillary Clinton’s powerful aide Huma Abedin has been called a “mini Hillary” and the candidate’s “second daughter.” The scandal-tinged staffer might also be the campaign’s next big problem.

50 Most Influential Political Families

Town & Country

Dynasties like the Kennedys and the Bushes have become synonymous with American politics, but they aren’t alone. The editors of Town & Country present their third annual list of politically-influential clans.

New Issues

National Review

Country Living