If Texture had a patron saint, it would probably be Marie Kondo.

The Japanese domestic goddess and best-selling author is profiled in Real Simple for her ability to clear closets, tidy drawers and put paper out to pasture. Kondo’s advice is to only keep things that “spark joy.”

In her honor, we hope our Super Bowl collection sparks conversation during the big game, and a quartet of stories about love and marriage spark a little romance as we approach Valentine’s Day.

—Maggie M. Texture Editorial Director

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Editors' Picks

The Queen of Clean

Real Simple

Closet whisperer Marie Kondo’s tricks for tidying drawers, wardrobes and homes has made her a New York Times best-selling author. You’ll never fold the same way again.

Fear and Parenting in America


Tackling the issue of free-range parenting, here’s how to give your kids freedom to roam…and keep your peace of mind.

Bike-Crazy Dogs


Bike-riding canines? We are so there. Says owner Jared Nieters of his Catahoula Leopard dog Griz: “There’s nothing he wants more than to be out on the trail.”

The New Global Terror


As if there isn’t enough to worry about. The lowdown on the mosquito-borne Zika virus, and the threat it poses as summer approaches.

Let's Talk About Sex

The New Rules of One-Night Stands

Men's Health

With women seeking no-strings-attached sex more than ever before, writer Amy Grier advises guys on how to pull off the perfect 12-hour relationship.

The Case for Good-Enough Sex


When we collapse in bed at night…it’s hard not to mourn the way things used to be.

Between the Sheets


Ready to turn up the heat in the bedroom? Expert advice for those in search of satisfaction.

Sex on the Brain


What’s Addyi, the peach-colored pill dubbed “the female Viagra,” really like?

Super Bowl 50: It's Game Time

The Joy of Cam Newton

ESPN The Magazine

As the Panthers go head-to-head against the Broncos, Cam Newton looks to prove that great football can still be fun.

Super Snacks for Game Day

Clean Eating

Guilt-free noshing for your Super Sunday, because the only thing more important than the game is the menu.

Super Bowl Technology

Popular Mechanics

This year’s stadium features Wi-Fi for 70,000, players with tracking chips that provide real-time stats, and a new app to access instant highlights of every play from four different angles.

Big Game, Big Commercials

Sports Illustrated

From Apple’s George Orwell to Budweiser’s Clydesdales, a look back at a half-century of Super Bowl ads. My, how advertising’s place in the game has grown.

Crime & Punishment

A Pedigreed Murder

Vanity Fair

When a champion Irish setter dropped dead hours after leaving the world’s most prestigious dog show, the mystery shocked the show-breeder world. A canine whodunit.

The O.J. Simpson Case: 21 Years Later


Those closest to Nicole Simpson and fellow murder victim, Ron Goldman, speak out on what the new TV miniseries gets wrong, and the pain of reliving those awful days.

Baby Doe

The New Yorker

Who was little Bella Bond, and why did her broken body ending up in a trash bag in Boston Harbor’s Deer Island?

Up on Cove Mountain

Outside Magazine

Twenty-five years after a double murder on the Appalachian Trail, writer Earl Swift revisits the case, his connection to it, and how the crime shattered our notion of safety in the woods.

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