Maybe we’ve had enough: A former boss used to joke that he loved daylight savings because “cocktail hour starts earlier.” No surprise, “Do You Drink Too Much?” was among the week’s most popular stories. How to spring forward: Read chapter one of Atavist’s “The Mastermind,” a thriller that begins in Manila. Look who’s here: Reader’s Digest joins the app with “50 Secrets Hospitals Won’t Tell You.A final farewell: Patti Davis honors her mother, Nancy Reagan, in a piece that underscores how the years are too short for so many we love. Make time for them this weekend.

—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Editors' Picks

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Entertainment Weekly

This clash of comic-book titans means everything to the DC Universe. Go inside the making of a do-or-die blockbuster.

The Best Companies to Work For


The perks make Google, Wegmans, REI and others superior employers, but it’s the way they spread the wealth and promote fairness that really got them on this list.

The New Divorce

Today's Parent

Celebrities aren’t the only ones consciously uncoupling. Canadians are taking the lead in a kindler and gentler way to say “I don’t.”


New York Magazine

A dermatologist known as “Dr. Pimple Popper” is gaining fame with her graphic YouTube videos of extracting blackheads.

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The Best Places to Live in 2016

Men's Journal

From Boise to Salt Lake, 10 towns where you can ski, bike, climb, or paddle…and also find a great place to work.

An Arrogant Way of Killing

The Atavist Magazine

Jeremy Jimena had just started his shift when he found the body. So begins this thrilling crime story set in the Philippines.

Chrissy Teigen's Next Adventure


The supermodel—and new cookbook author—on her struggle to get pregnant, the road to motherhood, and why being married to John Legend is so special.

20 Natural Remedies (That Actually Work!)

Yoga Journal

Headache? Sore throat? Expert suggestions for natural fixes that will help cure everyday aches and pains.

Tap Into These Cover Stories

Us Weekly

Wine Enthusiast

Runner's World

Daylight Savings: How to Get More Sleep

You Snooze, You Win


Arianna Huffington takes on the eight most important hours of the day, and the way sleep powers her waking life.

How to Be a Morning Person (or at Least Fake It)

Better Homes & Gardens

Drink water, eat avocado toast and discover your 25th hour.

Make Your Own Bed...and Lie In It

Consumer Reports

Everyone knows a good mattress makes a world of difference when you want a solid night of rest. But do you know how to pick the right one? What to look for on your next purchase.

Sleep Deeply Tonight

Men's Health

Find out what being neat, naked and sober can mean for you at bedtime.