On Spring Break: For a great read during your getaway, dig into The Mastermind. Paul LeRoux’s transformation from nerdy computer programmer to criminal mastermind is dark and twisty. Taking a Lunch Break: Before you head to Panera, check out this guide to what to order at your favorite food chains. Hit the Brakes: Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner endorses Hillary with this Bernie burn: “I have been to the revolution before. It ain’t happening.” We Were On a Break: It’s been more than 12 years since Ross uttered those words to Rachel. But hold on to your Chandler Bing, a new generation couldn’t be more smitten with Friends.

—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Editors' Picks

Inside the New Comedy Economy


After disrupting hotels, taxis and food delivery, Silicon Valley reinvents the sitcom.

Her Chart Said: 'Two Weeks to Fatal Event.' Ten Years Later, She's Still Alive.


Inside the brutally selective, hugely expensive, lifesaving trials of immunotherapy.

The Sad Plight of Sumner Redstone

Vanity Fair

The final chapter on the famously cranky and willful billionaire’s death and inheritance saga.

Is Prostitution Just Another Job?

New York Magazine

Could decriminalizing the world’s oldest profession make it safer? Sex workers speak out about the social movement to make prostitution legal.

The Best Reads of the Month

Jennifer Garner: Life After Ben

Vanity Fair

In the most-read story of the month, the actress discusses the death of her marriage and how she is rising from the tabloid ashes.

2016 Best Places to Live

Men's Journal

If the populations of Boise and Salt Lake City experience a growth spurt, credit this listicle about the 10 towns where you can easily ski, bike, climb, or paddle…and also find a cool place to work.

Megyn Kelly: Lessons From America’s Most Beautiful Badass


“Dr. Phil said this great line on TV that changed my life,” says Kelly. “‘The only difference between you and someone you envy is you settled for less.'”

In the Land of Missing Persons

The Atlantic

The disappearances of Rick Hills and Richard Bennett reveals how easy it is to vanish in the 49th state, and how hard it is for the families left behind.

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HELLO! Canada

Men's Fitness

Conde Nast Traveler

Southern Living

The Untold Story Behind the Brand

Still Ducky: The New Cool of LL Bean's Most Famous Boot

Popular Mechanics

Called “the platypus of footwear, the Frankenstein of mukluks, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of galoshes,” the duck boot back-order list recently ran as high as 100,000!

Le Creuset: The Story of the Most Famous Pot on Earth


Julia Child cooked with them, families often fight over who inherits them, and over 20,000 pieces are produced each day. Inside the art of Creuset.

Welcome to Hillstone: America's Most Beloved Restaurant

Bon Appetit

Maybe it’s their spinich and artichoke dip. Or the fact the tables are nailed to the floor, so they’re wobble-free. Whatever the reason, fans are obssessed with the Hillstone restaurant chain.

Bagging Success at Vera Bradley


How the Vera Bradley bag brought color to the luggage carousel.