What did we learn reading Texture this week? 1) You can actually win someone’s trust by offering an unsolicited apology around a ho-hum topic like the weather. 2) Reagan had his jellybeans. Guess which presidential candidate said, “Goldfish are my weakness”? 3) Men may not have a time of the month, but their hormones can cause male mood swings. 4) Sunshine, water, boardwalks, quaint shops, and pretty cottages are the hallmarks of the happiest towns in America. 5) Finally, Prince sang “let’s go crazy” at work, but at home he was a shy, thoughtful, and very engaging host who could be quick with a comeback. When EW‘s Leah Greenblatt conducted what’s now one of the last interviews with Prince at Paisley Park, she told him she was struck by how quiet the place was.  To which he replied, “Sometimes the doves are noisy.” Yes, he still had doves—and today, they’re not the only ones crying.

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—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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