And so it begins. The sad parade of cover tributes to Prince, who died April 21 at the all-too-young age of 57. After The New Yorker‘s purple rain cover, People weighs in with some rarely seen photos of the legend, and the very true words of critic Alynda Wheat who writes “while genius never dies, geniuses do—and often too soon.” The story reveals how the singer’s faith (he was a Jehovah’s Witness) provided him with a “safe haven.”  But Wheat wonders if it also made the platform-shoe loving Prince reluctant to seek a surgical solution to decades of wear and tear on his hips? (The faith discourages blood transfusions required for most surgeries.) The most heartbreaking note comes from Mayte Garcia, who married Prince on Valentine’s Day 1996, and was the mother of his son, Boy Gregory, who died of a rare birth disorder just a week after he was born. The couple divorced in 2000 (after Garcia suffered a second miscarriage). “I loved him then. I love him now,” she tells the magazine, adding, “he’s with our son now.”

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