This week in Texture, we learned: 1) Whether it was paying the check or hitting the town with Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods was 0-for-2 as a pickup artist. 2) Reading about the sins and scandals of the Mitford sisters will make another Downton Abbey-less Sunday more bearable. 3) Despite Star’s shocking headline, we’re with #TeamKelly in the Live feud. 4) Grit is the new buzzword when predicting career success. 5) Huge is the feud between Donald Trump and Fortune over his net worth. Also up for debate: Is he flipping the bird in this photo? 6) Gift ideas from Today’s Parent will make Mother’s Day nice and easy, though a Texture subscription may just be the best gift of all. (We couldn’t resist!)

—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Pain Relief Now!

Consumer Reports

CR estimates Americans spend over $300 billion on pills, procedures, pot and other natural remedies to cure their throbbing heads, backs and knees. What will truly spell relief?

Jennifer Lopez: From the Hip

W Magazine

“People underestimate me. They always have, and maybe that’s for the best. It’s fun to prove them wrong.”

21 Sex Questions Every Couple Should Ask


Move over, Masters & Johnson: Posing these questions and discussing the answers could lead to a more satisfying sex life for both of you.



Each year, approximately 70,000 women are reported missing in the United States. This is the story of a woman named Tiffany who went shopping and never came back.

The Purple Reign: 1958-2016

The Singer


Did the legend’s faith keep him from seeking help for his chronic hip pain?

Remembering a Legend

Us Weekly

From crazy costumes to inside Paisley Park, a toast to his royal badass.

The Many Lives of the Unparalleled Artist and Musician


Sheila E., Tracy Morgan, and Jimmy Jam (among many others) reveal the inside stories and alchemy of a once-in-a-lifetime star.

Prince After Dark


In a rare interview with Essence in 2014, Prince pulled back the purple curtain and shared why performing music made him feel so alive. Hard to read now. But worth every word.

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Today's Parent

National Review

Reader's Digest


Your Grill Guide

All Up In Your Grill

Women's Health

BBQ isn’t just a boys club anymore. Female chefs/pit bosses serve up their best grill tips, a chili-rubbed rib recipe, and more.

Dinner on the Grill


An all-veggie dinner on the grill? It’s not only possible. It’s delicious.

8 Innovations For Your Summer BBQ

Popular Science

Grill and chill smarter with high-tech gadgets for the hippest backyard ever.

All Fired Up!


This ain’t your daddy’s beef patty. New twists on burgers, including shrimp sliders and Mexican-style two-fisters.