Is This Why He’s Such a Happy Warrior? The best basketball player on the planet discusses his winning life off the court, with wife Ayesha, a rising culinary star, and their adorable daughters, Riley, 3, and 10-month-old Ryan. How The Couple First Met: In a church group, but, she says, “I wasn’t allowed to date. We always laugh we were both focused on God.” How He Proposed: “It was like something out of The Notebook,” he says. The Only Stat that Matters to Him: “Riley is at the age where she asks where I am and when I’ll be back, counting down how may ‘sleeps’ until Daddy gets home.” Plans for a Home Team Expansion? They’ve agreed to press pause and revisit the idea in about a year. “He’d have three more kids right now if he could,” says Ayesha.

Get a sneak peek of the Q&A with Steph and his wife from the June issue of Parents magazine.

So your date night is getting to watch him play?

SC: It’s not a date night. We’re in the same building, but it’s all eye contact from the stands to the court. And then we have the drive home.

AC: The drive home is the date.

Tell me more about eye contact during a game. 

SC: We have a pregame ritual right before tip-off where I do a sign, and she does it back.

What’s the sign?

SC: Should I give it away?

AC: No.

[Awkward pause.]

SC: We have matching tattoos.

AC: I guess he’s giving it away. [Stephen lifts his sleeve and reveals a tattoo on his left triceps of two arrows pointing at each other.] Why are you flexing your muscles?

SC: I have to show it. This signifies that the past is behind us and the future is in front of us, so we stay in the middle, in the moment I smack my tattoo and she does the same.

AC: It’s a reminder for him to have fun. I never want him to forget that.

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