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Having the Hump Day blues?  If we’re being honest, our same bowl of oatmeal and daily trek to and from the home office here on Park Ave. made us feel a bit sad today. But taking a page from Beyoncé (cause that’s what we’re supposed to do, right?), we decided, starting tomorrow, we’re gonna lemonade our life. Yoga Journal shares how, suggesting a dance class over yoga and 12 other “Break Out of a Rut” rules. 

"Shake Things Up," Yoga Journal, June 2016
“Shake Things Up,” Yoga Journal, June 2016

Seeking more inspiration: We went looking for a hero, and found one in former lawyer and artist Roberta Gibb, who, in 1966, applied to run the Boston Marathon and was denied permission by the Amateur Athletics Union. Their reason? Women were “not physiologically capable of covering 26.2 miles on foot.” Runner’s World shares the story of the runner who proved them wrong and went on to become the “First Lady of Boston.” Every time you lace up your Nikes, say a little thanks to Ms. Gibb.

"First Lady of Boston," Runner's World, May 2016
“First Lady of Boston,” Runner’s World, May 2016

And then there’s this ultimate butt-kicking revelation: Memorial Day is less than two weeks away!  That’s why HIIT is the word. (Okay, technically, the acronym.) In Texture’s Summer Body Plan Collection, you’ll find the hottest routines from Oxygen, Men’s Health, and more. Plus, The Busy Woman’s Workout for the best ways to kick butt without killing time. Let’s do this, people.

"The Busy Woman's Workout," Cosmopolitan, June 2016 - From "Your Summer Body Plan" collection on today's Highlights screen.
“The Busy Woman’s Workout,” Cosmopolitan, June 2016 – From “Your Summer Body Plan” collection on today’s Highlights screen.