GQ’s highly anticipated, exclusive interview with Melania Trump is now live in our app. Read up, as the potential first lady dishes on her marriage to Donald and their family secrets.

“Lady and the Trump,” GQ, June 2016

“Those were, in some ways, simpler times. But things change quickly—which is perhaps the enduring fact of Melania Trump’s entire improbable life—and when your husband works up a plan to make America great again, the very same Clintons you once smiled with on your wedding day can now become your family’s mortal enemies. And you can think, as Melania Trump says she does, that it’s no huge deal, really. ‘This is it, what it is,’ Melania tells me. ‘It’s all business now; it’s nothing personal.’

"Lady and the Trump," GQ, June 2016
“Lady and the Trump,” GQ, June 2016

Of course, Melania had the foresight to imagine that politics would bring chaos. Donald’s first wife, Ivana, may have wanted Trump to be president, but Melania, his third, was never hot on the idea. ‘When we discussed about it, I said he really needs to make sure he knows he really wants to do it, because life changes,’ Melania says.” – Julia Ioffe


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