What do you get when you put comedians in a spelling bee, and one specific comedian with the birds? Today’s top four reads recommended by our editors.  To read the full stories, tap the links from your phone or tablet. Not a member yet? Start your free trial here.

“Andy Samberg Likes to Watch,” Outside, June 2016


  1. What does birding have to do with former SNL star Andy Samberg? Absolutely everything.

    "A Funnier Spelling Bee," Wired, June 2013
    “A Funnier Spelling Bee,” Wired, June 2013
  2. Has the Scripps National Spelling Bee reeled you in and kept you distracted all week? Fun fact: the organization hires professional humorists to write “use it in a sentence,” examples.

    "The 100 Most Creative People in Business," Fast Company, June 2016
    “The 100 Most Creative People in Business,” Fast Company, June 2016
  3. If you have ever spent any time in a hospital, you know that nurses truly make it all better. Now Anna Young has found a way to give these caregivers a chance to put their healing ideas into action with MakerNurse. 

    "Saving Capitalism," Time, May 23, 2016
    “Saving Capitalism,” Time, May 23, 2016
  4. The financial sector in the US currently represents 25% of all corporate profits, but creates just 4% of all jobs. Has the free market system on which our country was built come off the rails? Rana Foroohar, author of Makers and Takers, offers an insightful look at how we got here and how to fix it. Bonus: This story includes an audio option. Read or listen!