Why are teens attempting to swallow entire cacti? Who is the Uber driver dressed as a vampire? Also, what is “ratf–king?” Read our editor’s daily picks to find out! To read the full stories, tap the links from your phone or tablet. Not a member yet? Start your free trial here.

"#NODARETOOSTUPID," Newsweek, May 27, 2016
“#NODARETOOSTUPID,” Newsweek, May 27, 2016
  1. Why is there an ever-growing trend of teens recording themselves on social media doing dangerous dares? Is this just stupid? Nay, say the teens.

    "13 Things Lifeguards Won't Tell You," Reader's Digest, June 2016
    “13 Things Lifeguards Won’t Tell You,” Reader’s Digest, June 2016
  2. As you head for the beach or the pool, skim 13 Things Lifeguards Won’t Tell You. These tips could save the life of someone you love. 

    "An Uber-Successful Founder," Inc. Magazine, June 2016
    “An Uber-Successful Founder,” Inc. Magazine, June 2016
  3. Why did Kayak co-founder, Paul English, drive for Uber, in his Tesla, dressed as a vampire?

    "Sting of Myself," The New Yorker, May 30, 2016
    “Sting of Myself,” The New Yorker, May 30, 2016
  4. “The 2016 campaign cycle appears to be reinvigorating the political art form that Richard Nixon’s operative Donald Segretti infamously called ‘ratf–king.’” A disturbing look at how amateurish spies and dark money attempt to sway elections.