"A Fallen Soldier's Final Salute," Reader's Digest, June 2016
“A Fallen Soldier’s Final Salute,” Reader’s Digest, June 2016

With each passing summer, does Memorial Day weekend mean something different to you and your family? In my past life as an entertainment junkie, catching Olivia Munn in X-Men: Apocalypse and making my list of the best summer tunes would have been all good. After buying my own patch of green, I added no-fail container combos, crisp and bright summer trinkets, and a hammock read to my three-day routine. And as my child has grown from toddler to tween, I’ve embraced this summer bucket list and living in the cone zone. But no matter how we celebrate, we always attend our town’s Memorial Day parade and “stand in reverent stillness,” just as Cheryl MacDonald does in this lovely tribute to a fallen hero. I know you’ll also find time to honor those who’ve given so much to this country. May it be a weekend to remember.