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"How Zac Got Jacked," Men's Fitness, June 2016
“How Zac Got Jacked,” Men’s Fitness, June 2016
  1. Your wishes have been granted. Elon Musk created an “affordable” Tesla.
  2. Meet Viggo Martensen, the actor who still uses a flip phone.
  3. Need a new gig? Here are the 50 Best Places to Work for Right Now.
  4. “No days off.” That’s Kate Hudson’s motto, and should be yours if you want abs like hers.

    "Kate Hudson's Winning Workout," Shape, June 2016
    “Kate Hudson’s Winning Workout,” Shape, June 2016
  5. Dr. Oz decodes your daily vitamins.
  6. This Zac Efron has come a long way from Vanessa Hudgens’ crush and the Wildcats’ star player.
  7. The sex robots are coming, the sex robots are coming!

    "The Sex Robots Are Coming," Men's Health, June 2016
    “The Sex Robots Are Coming,” Men’s Health, June 2016
  8. Shoutout to Karl Lagerfeld for making Kendall Jenner’s childhood look seemingly normal.
  9. “So Mr. Trump… how does that make you feel?”
  10. Take notes: The 10 Habits of Highly Organized People.

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