“Watch the Birdie”… more like watch the Bernie. Today, our editors are reading up on political races, racing shorts, parenting, and one magical cup of Joe. To read the full stories, tap the links from your phone or tablet. Not a member yet? Start your free trial here.

"Colombia in a Cup," National Geographic Traveler, June/July 2016
“Colombia in a Cup,” National Geographic Traveler, June/July 2016
  1. In search of that perfect cup of coffee? It may take more than a walk to your nearest Starbucks. Try a trip to the small Colombian town of Minca for an exquisite brew.

    "Bernie's Evolution," Time, June 6, 2016
    “Bernie’s Evolution,” Time, June 6, 2016
  2. In How Far Will Bernie Go?, Time reports the Vermont senator and former Secretary of State stopped exchanging post-primary congratulatory phone calls in April and predicts how their ugly divide could play out on the streets of Philadelphia during the Democratic convention. 

    "Quitting Time?" Today's Parent, June 2016
    “Quitting Time?” Today’s Parent, June 2016
  3. The ongoing battle for every parent: working vs. staying at home. Here’s what you need to know before you throw in the towel and take a career time-out.

    "Watch the Birdie," Outside, June 2016
    “Watch the Birdie,” Outside, June 2016
  4. “To understand the indignation that made Sally Bergesen resort to Photoshopping to take on an empire, you have to believe that you can fight for justice through the medium of running shorts.