Holiday Gift Guide

We've got you covered.

By Janna Irons & Joe Jackson
Photos by Inga Hendrickson
5 min

Whether you’re shopping for an obsessive athlete and their home gym, a fanatical foodie and their kitchen, or an intrepid storyteller and their mobile office, our curated selection includes something for everyone on your list. Plus: three karma-enhancing items that make giving feel great.

From left:

Fjällräven Sörmland Crew sweater

Cushy lamb’s wool makes Fjällräven’s Sörmland Crew sweater($150) buttery soft, while ribbed cuffs and hem keep out winter’s chill. But let’s be honest, we dig it for its simple, clean look.

Hunter Women's Original Adjustable Gloss rain boots

The Hunter Women’s Original Adjustable Gloss rain boots ($160) have an old-school puddle-stomper vibe. Yet these handmade natural-rubber beauties are more than show pieces: siped soles grip slick surfaces, and back buckles cinch the tops tight for weatherproofing.

Nomad’s Medicine Chest

Clockwise from top left:

Outlaw Soaps’ PCT Adventure soap set

Just like the through-hike it was named for, Outlaw Soaps’ PCT Adventure soap set ($24) delivers the intoxicating odors of both the mountains (with a natural pine fragrance) and the high desert (courtesy of sagebrush oil) in two handmade bars.

Fulton and Roark’s Solid cologne

A little goes a long way with Fulton and Roark’s Solid cologne ($42); a wee dab of the concentrated wax will have you smelling pleasantly of cedar.

Morihata Binchotan Charcoal toothbrush

Charcoal in a toothbrush? Yes. The Morihata Binchotan Charcoal toothbrush ($8) has it in the bristles to keep your mouth clean, yet doesn’t make you look like you need an exorcism.

Oars and Alps Natural deodorant

When it comes to deodorant, “natural” often translates to “worthless.” Not the case with Oars and Alps Natural deodorant ($14), which uses ingredients like alpine caribou moss to assuage your pits and actively fight funk.

Organic Magic balm

Just like the soap that made Dr. Bronner’s ubiquitous in travel kits, the company’s Organic Magic balm ($8) excels at everything from preventing chafing to calming wind-chapped cheeks, thanks to beeswax and jojoba oil.

Kiehl’s Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating mist

If your lucky giftee lives anywhere like arid Santa Fe, they’ll appreciate the moisturizing prowess of Kiehl’s Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating mist ($27).

Buckler’s Daily Face Repair cream

The blend of calendula, chamomile, and aloe vera in Buckler’s Daily Face Repair cream ($42) is perfect for treating savage sunburns.

Lockwood’s Perfect Duo Mint Sage body wash and lotion set

The components of Lockwood’s Perfect Duo Mint Sage body wash and lotion set ($90) perform like a good cop, bad cop team. The wash invigorates and exfoliates with grapeseed and ginger mint extracts, then the lotion (pictured) soothes with avocado butter.

Adventurer’s Wardrobe

Clockwise from left

Toad&Co’s Dakotah Long Sleeve Travel shirt

We’re now firmly in the era of performance plaid. The polyester-wool blend of Toad&Co’s Dakotah Long Sleeve Travel shirt ($69) dries quickly if you work up a sweat and has nicely accommodating stretch, plus warmth in spades.

Royal Ribbon’s Highlands pullover

Royal Robbins’s straightforward Highlands pullover ($75) is made from wool blended with a little nylon and linen and crafted with a wide neck and hem for comfort and easy layering over a shirt.

Columbia’s Stay Frosty beanie

Columbia’s acrylic-knit Stay Frosty beanie ($30) swaddles your dome while keeping it warm. The pom-pom is just the cherry on top.

Astis Crean mittens

Each pair of the Astis Crean mittens ($195) feature hand-stitched beading, fleece lining, and suede injected with silicone waterproofing.

Eddie Bauer 1936 Original Skyliner jacket

Eddie Bauer’s 1936 Original Skyliner jacket ($199) upgrades classic bomber styling with modern performance. The 650-fill down, packed in diamond-shaped baffles, holds heat in temperatures as low as minus ten.

Sorel Women’s Out N About Leather duck boots

Sorel’s Women’s Out N About Leather duck boots ($115) have burly full-grain leather uppers that are seam-sealed for waterproofing and herringbone rubber lugs that grip ice.

Bella Kitty’s Pindot Crew socks

Beware: with cashmere and angora wool Bella Kitty’s Pindot Crew socks($15) could banish your favorite slippers to the back of the closet.

ReDewÖrn jeans

Comfort and style abound in the slick ReDew Örn jeans($195). Recycled polyester and organic cotton deliver an athletic fit, with enough give to prevent binding up in your undercarriage.

Clockwise from left:

Burton AK BK Lite Insulator jacket

The Burton AK BK Lite Insulator jacket ($250) is a streetworthy layer with technical features. Constructed from water-resistant ripstop and plush down, it packs away in its own pocket.

Untuckit Epluchage shirt

Denim is our favorite rugged everyday wear, so we were smitten when style pioneer Untuckit used it to make the Epluchage shirt ($98). Red stitching at the hem adds understated flair.

Patagonia’s Powder Town beanie

Unlike your old wool cap, Patagonia’s Powder Town beanie ($39) is recycled polyester, so it won’t give you an itchy head during your next pond-hockey epic.

Citizen Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter watch

A diver’s dream, the stainless-steel Citizen Promaster Aqualand Depth Meter watch ($950) is water-resistant down to 200 meters, and is solar-powered— meaning no battery to replace.

Filson Down Cruiser vest

For the discerning woodsman, the Filson Down Cruiser vest ($375) is made from rain-resistant canvas and stuffed with ultralight, ethically sourced 550-fill goose down.

Clarks Desert boots

Nearly identical to the standard-issue footwear of British officers during World War II, Clarks Desert boots ($140) match leather uppers with rubber crepe outsoles for all-day comfort.

Socksmith’s Bicycle socks

Socksmith’s Bicycle socks ($10), knit from cotton with a touch of spandex, are just as happy inside dress shoes as they are in roadie cleats.

North Street Bags Davis daypack

The North Street Bags Davis daypack ($99 and up) has myriad commuter-friendly features. The best: Velcro strips for swapping accessory pockets.

Give Up the Good

Heart (and Neck) Warmer

Krochet Kids Camden

A scarf can seem like an uninspired holiday present— like giving Dad a tie on Father’s Day. But the Krochet Kids Camden is different. A supremely soft, acrylic-alpaca-blend piece, it spruces up any outfit and has a great backstory. The SoCal brand pays seamstresses in Uganda and Peru a living wage to make its apparel and accessories while also providing them with skills training and mentoring, so they can start their own businesses. About 125 women are participating in the three-year apprenticeship, crafting beanies, tees, sweaters, bags, and dresses. $48

Fitness Junkie’s Pain Cave

Clockwise from top left:

Aret Toura Low Cut sports bra

Supporting the pecs, lats, and traps, Aret’s nylon-spandex Toura Low Cut sports bra ($64) boosts your strength-training form while wicking sweat. It also doubles as a swim top.

Yellow Willow’s yoga mat

Nontoxic namaste!  Yellow Willow’s yoga mat ($98) combines a towel and mat and is made from 100 percent recycled materials with no latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC, or phthalates. And it’s machine washable.

Aeromat Elite Mini Kettlebell medicine balls

The Aeromat Elite Mini Kettlebell medicine balls(from $22) are made of sand-filled synthetic rubber, so even if you take a beating during your workout, your floors won’t.

Fitbit Ionic Watch

Fitbit’s superlight, water-resistant h. Ionic watch ($300) offers personalized workouts that adapt based on your progress—plus music storage, phone and text notifications, and an accompanying app for detailed distance, pace, and heart-rate data.

Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Long Sleeve shirt

Slip on the men’s Tracksmith Van Cortlandt Long Sleeve shirt ($72) for everything from brisk morning runs to basement workout sessions. Its light mesh moves with you and doesn’t bunch up when layered.

Feetures Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew socks

A sock that offers as much support as a shoe? Feetures Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew socks ($18) do just that, with tight compression strips running along the arch and svelte padding in the toe and heel.

Bosu’s Nexgen Pro balance trainer

Increase core strength by incorporating Bosu’s Nexgen Pro balance trainer ($180) in squats, push-ups, lunges, and more. This bouncy tool is textured to prevent slipping and marked to allow for precise placement of feet and hands when performing exercises.

Nike Free TR7 Amp shoes

A cross-training masterpiece with the perfect mix of support and flexibility, the Nike Free TR7 Amp shoes ($100; women’s shown) perform brilliantly in the gym, on a run, or bopping around town.

Tree Time

WeWood Laguna timepiece

The gift of a watch says “You’re special.” The gift of the WeWood Laguna timepiece says “You’re one of a kind.” Italian manufacturer WeWood uses remnant hardwoods, so no trees are cut down to get that handsome, grainy bezel and band. For the Laguna, the brand reclaimed oak from old mooring posts used to mark off entrances or tie up boats in the canals of Venice, Italy. That oak is paired with precise Swiss movement, scratchproof glass, and glow-in-the-dark hands. For every watch it sells, WeWood plants a tree—over 500,000, from mangroves to ponderosa pines, across the globe since 2010. So buy yourself one while you’re at it. $320

Explorer’s Kitchen

Clockwise from top left

Finex 12" Cast Iron skillet

The octagonal design of the Finex 12" Cast Iron skillet ($195) makes pouring off liquids a breeze, and the spring handle cools quickly to prevent seared hands.

Stumptown Coffee Hair Bender subscription

Sign up for a Stumptown Coffee Hair Bender subscription ($96 for three months) and the Portland, Oregon, company will ship eight ounces of fresh-roasted beans to your doorstep every two weeks.

Messermeister Oliva Elite five-piece gourmet set

Treat food prep like the art that it is with the Messermeister Oliva Elite five-piece gourmet set ($430). The stainless-steel blades are paired with elegant olive wood handles.

Olive Press’s Jalapeño olive oil

Olive Press’s Jalapeño olive oil ($22) brings the heat to any dish. It’s infused with jalapeño and serrano peppers.

Folk Breadboard

Carved from a single piece of eastern walnut and finished with food-safe oil, the Folk Breadboard ($149) is equally capable as a cutting surface and platter.

Stelton Collar Espresso maker

It’s not just about caffeine—flavor matters. The Stelton Collar Espresso maker ($85) is the perfect tool for creating professional, full-bodied joe at home.

Krave Sweet Chipotle jerky

Krave Sweet Chipotle jerky ($7) combines honey and Mexican chipotle peppers with an extremely tender beef that you’ll savor hours after your last bite.

Clockwise from top left:

Una Lou Rosé

Few wines are as refreshing as California-vinted Una Lou Rosé ($40 for four), which has hints of strawberries and grapefruit. The cans are perfect for all manner of backcountry forays.

Homemade Gin kit

The Homemade Gin kit ($50) has all you need—juniper berries, botanicals, a strainer, and a funnel—to turn liquor fantastically herbal without the mess of using a still.

Yield Ceramic French press

The heavy clay-fired walls of the Yield Ceramic French press ($120) will keep your next pour piping hot.

Bambu Utensil Travel set

Sure, the Bambu Utensil Travel set ($13) is meant for camping, frenzied airport meals, or stashing in your desk. But the bamboo fork, knife, and spoon look so handsome that we find excuses to use them all the time.

Wander Ware Camping Rocks cup

Made of hardy steel that’ll survive years of drops, the Wander Ware Camping Rocks cup ($10) holds 10.5 ounces of your go-to backwoods libation.

Suerte Tequila Blanco

Shake up a margarita with Suerte Tequila Blanco ($30). It’s aged for two months before bottling, giving it a crisp (not cloying) sweetness.

Patagonia Provisions’ Wild Pink salmon

With a dash of pepper, Patagonia Provisions’ Wild Pink salmon ($12) turns a typical mac and cheese backpacking dinner into a gourmet meal.

Prairie Organic’s cucumber vodka

Prairie Organic’s cucumber vodka ($20) has subtle flavor that makes for a refreshing elixir when mixed with a splash of soda water.

Pooch’s Palace

Clockwise from center:

Orvis Buffalo Check dog jacket

The traditional plaid print and corduroy accents on the polyester Orvis Buffalo Check dog jacket ($49) will give your best friend a superiority complex, while the stout fleece will fend off bitter winter winds.

Mammoth Flossy Chews 100 Percent Cotton White 3-Knot rope

Fun as heck and good for the gums to boot, the Mammoth Flossy Chews 100 Percent Cotton White 3-Knot rope ($7) cleans dogs’ teeth as they play fetch and tug-of-war.

California Collar Co. Thunderbird blanket

Suitable for the couch, camping, and the car, California Collar Co.’s super-soft Thunderbird blanket ($34) is crafted in Mexico from recycled acrylic, cotton, and polyester.

Eco dog bed

Though made with scraps from apparel brand Toad&Co’s cutting-room floor, the Eco dog bed ($85) hardly looks or feels like leftovers. With an organic-cotton cover in a muted two-tone design, it’s worthy of a prime spot in the living room.

Filson Dog Leash

Filson’s five-foot-long dog leash ($85) has brass-plated hardware and one-inch-wide bridle leather that will age beautifully.

Magisso Slow Eating dog bowl

Known for its insulating properties, the ceramic in the Magisso Slow Eating dog bowl ($39 and up) stays chilly for up to six hours after soaking in cold water for only a minute. That means bacteria-quashing icy water for the pup.

Nite Ize SpotLit LED Carabiner light

Handy for keeping track of your pooch around the campfire, Nite Ize’s SpotLit LED Carabiner light ($7) is also useful for marking tent guy lines, so you don’t trip during pee runs.

Lupine Pet Adjustable collar

Nylon webbing on the Lupine Pet Adjustable collar ($9 and up) dries quickly after a romp through a stream. But that webbing is also climbing grade, so it and the steel D-rings will hold up to endless tugging.

Woof and Wild Spirit bandana

If you’re gonna outfit your dog with a kerchief, best to go bold. Woof and Wild’s 100 percent cotton Spirit bandana ($19 and up) comes in wild prints, from skulls to eagle feathers to horseshoes.

Wanderer’s Desk

Clockwise from top:

Hide and Seek

Wishing you could retreat to a cabin in the woods? Hide and Seek ($60), with its 256 pages of wanderlust-inspiring wilderness homes, can be your vicarious office escape.

Google Home

Go ahead, boss Google Home ($129) around. The coffee-can-size personal assistant and Bluetooth speaker was built to recognize your voice and do your bidding, like alert you to an upcoming meeting or call your boss, even if it’s in the middle of blaring an album.

Loyal Stricklin Leather mousepad

The Loyal Stricklin Leather mousepad ($28) adds class to your desk while cradling your scrolling hand in supple comfort.

Duluth Pack City Portfolio bag

The Duluth Pack City Portfolio bag ($155) sits somewhere between a briefcase and a commuter satchel, and is built in the States from hyper-durable 15-ounce cotton canvas. It might even last you until retirement.

Samsung Galaxy Book tablet

Don’t let the paper-thin profile of the Samsung Galaxy Book tablet ($1,000) fool you. The Windows 10 PC has a 12-inch display, four gigabytes of RAM, and a keyboard embedded in the case. Designing your dream gear shed? Use the S Pen to write directly on the screen.

Grovemade’s Walnut laptop stand

Sure, you can work anywhere on a laptop. But when you’re at home, upgrade from the kitchen counter with Grovemade’s Walnut laptop stand ($139), which delivers comfort and classic wood style.

Rhodia Goalbook

The calendar and ruled pages of the Rhodia Goalbook ($25) are handy for keeping a schedule and jotting down meeting notes, but we really dig the bold leather cover.

Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche Fountain pen

Graf von FaberCastellgave its Guilloche Fountain pen ($350) a nice engraved pattern set in rhodium. But don’t leave it as merely a centerpiece for your desk: the gold nib delivers fine and broad strokes.

Master and Dynamic MH40 headphones

Master and Dynamic eschewed plastic for anodized forged aluminum and leather details on its MH40 headphones ($399). The look is steampunk, but the guts are anything but retro, with powerful 45-millimeter neodymium drivers.

Give Up the Good

Mixed Bag

Cotopaxi Allpa pack

Utah-based Cotopaxi has earned a lot of accolades for its progressive approach to philanthropy, including its commitment to donating 2 percent of all revenue to nonprofits that improve health, education, and the standard of living around the world. In recent years, the benefit corporation has supported malaria prevention in sub-Saharan Africa, emergency response in the Middle East, and girls’ education in India. But while these efforts attract customers, what keeps us coming back is the quality of Cotopaxi’s gear. Take the Allpa pack, a 35-liter hauler with a central wrap-around zipper that lets you open it like a book for easy access to mesh compartments. It’s carry-on-size, with grab handles on four sides, but it also performs admirably on the trail, with a comfy padded hipbelt, contoured shoulder straps, and a breathable back panel for ventilation. Plus, it’s made of waterproof 1,000-denier polyester. $170

Gearhead’s Garage

From left:

Specialized AWOL Expert bike

Thanks to a tough but compliant steel frame and integrated fenders and racks, the Specialized AWOL Expert bike ($2,500) is your go-to for anything from a grocery run to a long-haul tour.

Jane Motorcycles’ Driggs riding jacket

Built from thick, water-resistant 8.5-ounce waxed canvas, Jane Motorcycles’ Driggs riding jacket ($500) is trustworthy armor in case of an accident but stylish enough to wear off the bike as well.

Smith Route road helmet

We’re big fans of Smith’s Route road helmet ($150) because it packs in tons of top-tier safety specs, like a MIPS liner and impact-absorbing Koroyd.

Pearl Izumi Versa Barrier

Designed to look like a kick-around jacket, the Pearl Izumi Versa Barrier ($140) is packed with cycling features, like a DWR-coated soft-shell outer, a drop tail, and hidden hand mitts.

Silca Anniversary HX-One tool kit

With the Silca Anniversary HX-One tool kit ($185) you get the most common bike hex keys, plus an assortment of Torx bits and screwdrivers, all organized in a gorgeous American walnut case.

Laidback Pad

Hey, car campers, why labor through all that huffing and puffing for a blow-up mattress when you can simply roll out a better bed? The Laidback Pad ($229) features nearly 2.5 inches of cushy memory foam that smothers rocks and bumps. And it won’t pop.

Keen’s Terradora Waterproof Mid hiking shoes

She can take on Zion’s Narrows or splash through puddles on local trails in Keen’s Terradora Waterproof Mid hiking shoes ($130), which offer the brand’s lauded comfort and support while adding odor-controlling lightweight mesh that lets vapor out without allowing water to seep in.

From top:

Camp Chef Big Gas grill

If you’re prone to hosting car-camping dinner parties, it’s time to upgrade to the Camp Chef Big Gas grill ($320), which has 608 square inches of cooking space (similar to what you find on a home grill) and three burners that throw 30,000 BTUs each.

Armada Trace 98

Looking for one pair of skis that can do it all? The women’s Armada Trace 98 ($650) is fat enough to float in eight inches of powder, yet tough enough to blast through crud.

Swiss Advance Doro grill fork

Wherein the humble s’mores stick gets a makeover. Swiss Advance’s functional, lightweight Doro grill fork ($14) lets you roast anything from veggies to brats to, yes, marshmallows.

Fix Powder pliers

The only ski and snowboard tool you really need: the Fix Powder pliers ($35). It combines eight common mountain tools—including three screwdrivers, an edge file, and, of course, a bottle opener—into one flat package.

Barebones Living Pulaski ax

With a carbon blade and steel-rod core, the Barebones Living Pulaski ax ($135) is a modern take on the 1900s version designed by the Forest Service to hammer stakes, chop wood, cut roots, and dig trenches.

Mountain Equipment Glacier sleeping bag

With a narrow fit that cuts down on weight, the Mountain Equipment Glacier sleeping bag ($398) combines 700-fill duck down with a silky-soft lining and a water-resistant outer shell to keep you ultrawarm in temperatures down to 21 degrees.

From top:

Atlas Elektra Access snowshoes

The cruisers of the snowshoe world, the Atlas Elektra Access snowshoes ($180) have a light aluminum build, minimal toe crampons, and a tough heel-lift bar for casual winter jaunts in the woods.

Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard kit

Why a soft-top SUP? Because you’re not in a race. The Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddleboard kit ($645) includes a paddle and bungees to hold your gear.

Yeti Panga 50L duffel

Dunk it, drag it, strap it anywhere. Yeti’s new Panga 50L duffel ($300) has six lash points and is made from bomber high-density, laminated nylon that’s 100 percent waterproof, so it performs just as well as a drybag.

Kammok’s Firebelly Trail quilt

Made of cozy down for warmth and ripstop nylon for hardiness, Kammok’s Firebelly Trail quilt ($299) can be used as a blanket or cinched with draw-cords up top for a cozy coccoon.

Coleman 54-Quart Steel Belted cooler

Car camping goes retro with the Coleman 54-Quart Steel Belted cooler ($150), which features a classic painted-steel exterior, can keep ice frozen for up to four days, and has a rock-sturdy lid.

North Face Ventrix jacket

The North Face Ventrix jacket($199) is quite possibly the most versatile layer we’ve ever worn. It boasts synthetic insulation with perforations that start small when it’s cold and you’re hunkering down, then expand as you move and heat up. It served us well on shoulder-season outdoor runs and under shells when we ventured into the high alpine.