51 Nifty Gifts for $50 or Less

The rachael ray every day holiday gift guide

Because shopping's way more fun when you can still afford dinner once you're done!

By Lisa Freedman
Photos by Jarren Vink Illustrations by James Yang

Kids will love barrelling down the hill on this Peppermint Snow Tube almost as much as parents will love posting photos of them doing it. Everybody wins! $25, alwaysfits.com

The surprisingly challenging A-Maze-Ball Maze Game (turn it over and around to work the mini ball through the maze) will keep puzzlers occupied for hours for the bragging rights alone. $10, thinkgeek.com

Make sure food-loving friends are always ready for camping, tailgating or cake day at the office with the MacGyver-like Hobo Knife, which unfolds to reveal a spoon, a knife and a fork that doubles as a bottle opener. $32, bestmadeco.com

Cue up the Andy Williams and let your holiday pastries, cheeses or other small bites take a ride on the Sled Serving Board. $30, pier1.com

Virtual reality is only cool if it's cheaper to “visit” NYC, for example, than it would be to go IRL. For a mere thirty bucks, the Utopia 360° works with your smartphone to guide you on VR tours of the Big Apple, the Northern Lights and more. $30, ReTrak, bestbuy.com

The plush Barky Burger and Frenchie Fries are so appealing (with pieces that come apart and squeak), your pooch may not care that they're not actually from the drive-thru. $15 for burger, $14 for fries, petplay.com

These nonstick, Southwest-inspired, BPA-free silicone Baking Blankets will brighten up the kitchen and keep pans clean without the need for parchment paper. $20 each, wandpdesign.com

After you crush your friends in one of these classic Bookshelf Games, you can be a gracious winner by folding up the evidence of their defeat and tucking it neatly away on a bookshelf. $35 each, llbean.com

This Classic Cocktail Mixing Set, with a glass pitcher, stirrer and metal strainer, is a winner with the 21-and-over-crowd who prefer their drinks stirred, not shaken. $38, sideshowpress.com

The adult coloring trend isn't going anywhere, as your Instagram feed demonstrates. The 12-ounce Color Joy Geo Spheres Cup is our favorite new way to get in on the therapeutic action—just color its surface with special markers and pop in the oven to set. $9.50 for cup, $16 for set of 12 markers, dcigift.com

Frequent entertainers will put the Appetizer Flex Tray to good use. The chalkboard-labeled dividers are movable (so the carrot sticks get less room than the soppressata), and you can identify the gluten-free pretzels using the included chalk pencil. $45, greatusefulstuff.com

Feline fans will appreciate the kitschy design of this hand-silk-screened Big Eyes Cat Tea Towel. Feline owners will appreciate its ability to sop up cat-inflicted spills. $14, nakeddecor.com

Everyone will want to get her claws on these Pot Pinchers: They protect against burns with thick silicone, are easy to clean and are great for grabbing children and inciting uncontrollable giggling. $15, fredandfriends.com

Who says rose-colored drinks are only for summer? Victoria Pink Gin gets its color and flavor from herbal and spiced bitters. Mix it with tonic and a lime for the prettiest G-and-T in history. $28, ginlane1751.com

The Compact Juicer's small footprint means your friend with the Gwyneth obsession and the teeny kitchen can create veggie drinks to her heart's content. $40, juiceman.com

Being in the doghouse isn't necessarily a bad thing, if it means hanging out in this cozy-cute Deanna Dog Teepee. $46, jossandmain.com

Why get a plain spatula when you can get a fun, colorful one? And why get just any fun, colorful one when you can get a Chef Series Silicone Spatula, designed by a celebrity (this one's from Chrissy Teigen) and benefitting No Kid Hungry, which fights childhood hunger? Total no-brainer. $13, williams-sonoma.com

Serious consumers of mint chocolate chip will appreciate that these coated stainless steel Oslo Ice-Cream Spoons have squared-off ends for optimal bowl-scraping. $38 for six, store.moma.org

Based on the principle that burgers, tacos and milkshakes can fix any problem, a Junk Food Umbrella is all you need to brighten up a rainy day. $20, piqgifts.com

Leave your mark, not a mark, with monogrammed Hardwood & Felt Coasters made from walnut, cherry and curly maple. $43 for four, espaciohandmade.com

If Mercury in retrograde is making choosing gifts harder than usual, let the stars guide you to these vegan leather Zodiac Journals. $18 each, anthropologie.com

Trio Touchscreen Gloves are, hands down, a brilliant gift. When the recipient inevitably loses one, there's a third waiting to complete the pair. $38, verloopknits.com

Your pooch is begging for a tasty present of his very own, and the Meat and Cheese Gift Box, with real sausage, sweet potato crisps and cheese, is about as good as it gets. $10, petsmart.com

Anyone can become a dinner superhero by tucking one of these paper DC Comics Dress Up Napkins into her collar. $11 for 24, dannabananas.com

This handmade porcelain Macaroni Necklace is an adorable, elevated version of the one you made for Mom in kindergarten. $36, virginiasin.com

Let the Danny the Dinosaur Salt Monster help you spice up any meal. He comes in 10 colors and his tongue is the cutest little spoon you've ever seen. $50, muddyheart.com

There may be no creature more ideal to help celebrate Hanukkah's eight nights than this adorable ceramic Octo-Menorah. $35, landofnod.com

Rachael loves a multitasker, which is why she created her new Cucina Ramekins. The 10-ounce dishes can go in the oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave. $20 for four, potsandpans.com

You don't have to be a tree-hugger (or science teacher) to dig the Take Out Compost Bin. It comes with two carbon filters so there's no odor when you open it, and holds almost a gallon of eggshells, coffee grounds and other biodegradable scraps. $25, fredandfriends.com

Briiiing! Briiiing! For cyclists who love a good pun, this adorable Domed Taco Bell will get them a clear lane to laughter. $10, electrabike.com

Subtly sweet Gold & Champagne Marshmallows are infused with bubbly and have 24-karat-gold flakes on top, so they're fluffy and fancy. Oh, and tasty, too! $32 for 4 ounces, mouth.com

For the wine snob on your list who wants cool points for what's outside the glass, too, there's Umbra's rubber Origami Wine Charms & Topper Set. $10, umbra.com

With its throwback (and thus super trendy) speckles, this Enamel Cocktail Shaker and Jigger Set will make someone a very happy glamper this year. $34, truebrands.com

Show a neat-freak friend that you get her with these braided Wrap Headphones, which, when not in use, twist easily into a stylish—and very orderly—bracelet. $20, containerstore.com

Got a coworker with a less-than-green thumb? Get her this plastic Cactus Desktop Organiser—a kitschy take on the Southwest trend, it's even easier to care for than a succulent. $15, justmustard.com

Know any fan-geeks? This R2-D2 Popcorn Maker is just the thing for a night of binge-watching the original trilogy and A New Hope. (Not the other ones. Never the other ones.) $50, thinkgeek.com

The telescoping Pocket Fishing Pole: Because you never know when you're going to need to drop a line and catch some trout. $20, kohls.com

Cards in the Game of Phones deck ask questions like who has the most apps, or award points to the player whose parents respond to a text first. So now a gathering where everybody's sitting around glued to their phones can be a good thing! $20, uncommongoods.com

Infused Ice Cubes in fun flavors like cucumber-watermelon and blood orange–ginger are just what your favorite amateur mixologist needs to up the ante on his creative cocktails. $18 for 12, papersource.com

Light up someone's holiday season with My Marquee. The mini light box can be personalized with any statement (emojis included!), for kids' rooms, parties or to list what's for dinner on a random Tuesday. $40, mymarqueeusa.com

For the friend who insists that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, these hand-painted wood Chicken and Waffles Earrings will help her live her truth. $13, unpossiblecuts.com

Get your underemployed niece to kick her spendy coffeehouse habit with a single-serve Bru Deluxe Tumbler & Brewer kit. It makes cold-brewed iced coffee fast, so she can get back to her blog. $40, shop.coolgearinc.com

Show that friend who knows about design that you do too with a Cork Luggage Tag made of one of the year's hottest natural materials. Bonus: It's way easier to spot on the carousel than a Gucci logo. $22 each, spicerbags.com

Who doesn't want nice nails? And who doesn't need stocking-stuffer ideas? Exactly. Stock up on gum pack–like Sticky Fingers Nail Files and you're nailing both in the cutest way. $3, fredandfriends.com

There's no reason to have cold feet about giving these wool Strawberry Foodie Slippers this winter—anyone will be berry glad to have them. $38, uncommongoods.com

Nothing goes better with beer than pretzels—especially when the pretzel is this shiny Snack at It Bottle Opener. $15, modcloth.com

Pretty Brooklyn Ceramic Flasks make toting around a stash of whiskey seem almost wholesome. (In fact, it would feel more appropriate to fill them with chocolate milk!) From $15, kikkerland.com

The Everything Bagel & Cream Cheese Making Kit comes with the supplies for a dozen homemade bagels and plenty of schmears. It takes a bit more motivation than a drive to the deli, but it's also way more fun. $25, farmsteady.com

Here's a sharp gift idea: The colorful Opinel Essentials set has three small-but-mighty knives and a peeler. $45, opinel-usa.com

Support your local bee, butterfly and hummingbird populations with this Pollinator Push Garden set. It's like a confetti pop, except you use it to push a nutrient-rich mix into the ground, which you then top with the included wildflower seeds. With proper care, you'll have some lovely blooms to give the little workaholics a safe place to do business. $17, modsprout.com

Do a sweep of your shopping list and pick up a ceramic Dust Pan Serving Tray for anyone who has hostess skills and a sense of humor in equal measure. $29, fishseddy.com