Gifts in Good Taste

fresh life

By Julia Westbrook
Hedley & Bennett Apron, $95
A handmade Hedley & Bennett apron balances function and style. This vibrant apron in Sweet Pea is made with 100%-cotton brushed twill and has a useful band for your kitchen towel as well as chest and hip pockets. And the clean design has a modern aesthetic.
Gather Chocolates, $12.50
With flavors of caramelized honey, pomegranate molasses and sour cherry, these chocolates from Harbor Sweets are so good that you may want to give a box to yourself. Plus, as the honeycomb-shaped box hints, 2.5 percent of the proceeds support the Pollinator Partnership, which advocates for bee protection.
Rosali Tea Gift Box, $29
The flavor of a cup of tea can be traced all the way back to the cultivation techniques the farmers use and even the land on which it's grown. Rosali Tea sources its teas from small-batch farmers who have developed their skills across generations for impeccable flavor. This gift set includes three teas (lapsang souchong, jasmine and organic genmaicha), a wooden spoon for measuring, tea filters and honey sticks.
Click and Grow, $60
Growing fresh herbs throughout the winter is easier than ever with the Click and Grow smart garden. It's practically no-maintenance: a large water reservoir keeps plants hydrated, the nutrients your plants need are already in the soil and a timed light mimics a natural day/night system. Plus, the accompanying smartphone app tracks the plants' growth and sends notifications when it's time to add water.
Wonderbag, $65
It's not a funky couch cushion; it's a slow cooker. Here's how it works: get your food boiling on the stove. Then move it (pot and all) into the insulated pouch to finish cooking. It's nonelectric, making it great for camping, transporting hot food and cooking with less energy. And for every Wonderbag bought, one is donated to families in Africa who rely on an open flame to cook. With a Wonderbag, they can spend less money on charcoal, less time gathering firewood and less time breathing smoke.
Tre Olive Adopt an Olive Tree, $110
You don't get much closer to knowing where your olive oil comes from than by putting your name on the tree. Adopt an olive tree from family-owned Tre Olive in Calabria, Italy, and over the next year you'll get six 500-mL tins of olive oil pressed from your olives.
No Kid Hungry Silicone Spatulas, $13
Designed by celebrities including Ina Garten, Jimmy Kimmel and Chrissy Teigen (hers is shown here), these spatulas are more than just fun stocking stuffers—30 percent of each sale goes to the hunger-fighting nonprofit No Kid Hungry, which helps connect kids to meal programs.