Handmade Holidays

Give the gift of making to the DIYers in your life with these six easy-to-assemble kits.

By Andrea Cooley
Photos by Jay Wilde Projects by Amber Wagner

secret garden

Put creativity in the hands of the receiver with gifts they make themselves. You gather the supplies and download and print the instructions and a cute label from BHG.com/DIYGiftKits; your recipients do the rest. Help a green thumb or novice gardener combat the winter blues with a simple hanging terrarium. Include an air plant, moss, soil, and rocks. A plastic animal adds a whimsical touch. The terrarium can be assembled in less than an hour and enjoyed indoors year-round.

  • Glass terrarium
  • Soil, rocks, and live moss in resealable plastic bags
  • Air plant and small animal
  • Crafts paint and paintbrush
  • Printed instructions and label from BHG.com/DIYGiftKits

Forest Friends

So simple even a beginner can make them, these felt animals will delight kids and grown-ups alike. Choose 1∕8-yard lengths of felt in several colors. Use our free downloadable template to cut out shapes from the felt. Put the shapes for each animal in a separate bag. Gather all the supplies in a woodland-inspired container that doubles as a gift box.

  • Tree trunk container
  • Felt pieces in resealable bags
  • Needles and thread
  • Fiberfill
  • Printed instructions and label from BHG.com/DIYGiftKits

crafty coasters

A hostess can never have too many coasters. Help her say cheers in any language (skol is a common Scandinavian toast phrase). Build her collection with a set she decorates herself. Cut disks from branches or purchase unfinished wood ones that are ready to paint and seal. Complete the package with festive paper straws and a classic pitcher.

  • Pitcher and paper straws
  • Unfinished wood disks
  • Crafts paint, varnish, acetone, and paintbrush
  • Cork circles
  • Printed instructions and label from BHG.com/DIYGiftKits

signature scent

Anyone can buy a bottle of perfume from the store and wrap it for a gift, but not many people can say they mixed their own custom scent. Give a fragrance-loving friend or a style-savvy sister everything she needs to make her own perfume. In a wooden box, collect glass bottles, a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, and essential oils. She’ll be ready to start mixing her own unique fragrance.

  • Wooden box
  • Glass bottles
  • Tangerine, basil, cedarwood, and grapefruit oils
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Printed instructions and label from BHG.com/DIYGiftKits

Put a Cork in it

Quirky bottle stoppers are the perfect gift for hipster entertainers. Get a set of corks and a variety of kitschy toppers like a mini screwdriver, hardware, or plastic figurines. Include paint to give the toppers a unified look. Put everything in a bucket and throw in a bottle of your recipient’s favorite spirits to ensure you’re invited to the next party.

  • Bucket
  • Corks
  • Min screwdriver, nuts, toy animal, crystal
  • Crafts paint, strong glue, paintbrush
  • Ribbon and plastic bag
  • Printed instructions and label from BHG.com/DIYGiftKits

Blanket Statement

Who needs a Snuggie when you can make your own snuggle-worthy blanket? Help someone stay warm this winter by giving her everything she needs to stitch a cozy blanket featuring a trendy chevron design. Twin-size bedsheets are the foundation of the blanket. Cut chevron shapes in two colors from felt. Layer sheets, batting, and chevron shapes, and roll them up. Put everything in a wooden crate and tie it with a ribbon.

  • Wooden crate
  • Twin-size batting
  • Two flat twin-size bedsheets
  • Two yards of felt
  • Printed instructions and label from BHG.com/DIYGiftKits