Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s play! This season, keep things merry and light with gifts of good, old-fashioned fun. No batteries required.

Above image | Jill McNamara
Adult coloring books are really a thing; our pick of this trend, Color Me Drunk, takes the “adult” part even further with drinking games and humor kids won’t understand. $8.42,

There’s no place to plug in your charger, so you might as well enjoy a phone-free afternoon at the beach: The Double Sided Game Bag Set is spacious enough to hold your towel, paperback and sunscreen. Once you’ve unpacked, roll out the bag into a backgammon game or checkerboard and have some real face time with your friends. $60,

Elton John pens stunningly poetic lyrics, but unless you’ve looked them up, you might think he’s actually crooning “…count the head lice on the highway.” Raise a glass to the masters of mumble with a set of the stainless steel Mistaken Lyrics Pint Glasses, featuring the oft-misunderstood stylings of the rock world. $14.50,

With rust-resistant hardware and storage pockets with magnetic closures, The Explorer Cooler is built for trekking. It also easily holds 36 12-ounce cans, which means you can wander far without worrying about being fully stocked. $100,

As adults, we think a lot about balance: work life and personal life, budgets, yoga, malts and hops. You could consider these colorful hardwood Balance Blocks a physical manifestation of finding harmony or as just another way to have fun. $48,

You work hard. You pay your bills. You keep both hands on the wheel and know that yellow means “slow down.” You deserve a beer. The weighty, brass You Earned It Bottle Opener tells you that your next 12-ounces is a pat on the back. $29,

If you were a LEGO-obsessed kid, this grown-up version will make your hands twitch. Mini Materials comes with real 1-inch cinder blocks, terra-cotta bricks and mortar so you can build your perfect fortress. Prices vary,

Unlike Monopoly, Beeropoly isn’t about displaying your real-estate prowess; it’s about dominating your opponents with skills like dancing and rhyming while drinking beer…which, in our book, is just as impressive. $32,

Every man cave needs a dartboard; the well-appointed one needs this Best Made Belgian Dart Set. The simple, modern board comes from end grain basswood, while the darts have birchwood barrels and shafts. $128,

Sketch your ideal house, the brewery you’d like to open one day or the significant other of your dreams in these Sixer Box Notebooks, made from upcycled beer six-pack holders. You never know, it may all come true. $20–$30,

Requiring little actual skill and almost always played with a bottle in hand, bocce is the beer lover’s lawn game of choice. This handsome Bocce Set comes with eight hand-painted wooden balls, a cotton carrying bag and the rules of play. $320,

We wouldn’t go so far as to use the words “binge watch,” but this three-dimensional Yin Yang Kaleidoscope made by artist David Sugich will keep you mesmerized turn after turn. Prices vary by size,

The 40-ounce Leash and Pizza Collar are not just a way to share the things you love most with your furry friend, but are also great reasons to get out and burn those IPA and meat-lovers calories by walking your dog. $48; $30,

Sure, there’s virtual reality, but there’s also the simple pleasure of dice. If it’s been awhile since you rolled ’em, Sideshow! Classic Dice Games comes with instructions for Klondike; Ship, Captain and Crew; and Tally-hold, plus a stamped leather cup and five rainbow dice … cuz that’s all you really need. $28,

Armed with alphabet stamps and a mallet, you can make these DIY Leather Stamp Coasters say anything you want. Personalize them with your guests’ names or send them distinct messages, like “It’s Time to Leave” or “Get Your Feet Off My Coffee Table.” $32,

In the good old days, kids rode their bikes around the whole town, played in the woods until dusk and launched any assortment of things with slingshots. Feel the nostalgia of a more carefree time with the Old Fashioned Slingshot, made from sturdy buckthorn branches and a leather projectile pouch. $24.99,

Go all in: Even if you’re on a losing streak, you only have to consider the risks taken by the 53 successful American breweries on these Beer Playing Cards to inspire your next bold play. $3.99,