Package Deal

Gift Wrap

Want your gifts to wow, even before they're opened? Try these big-look, little-effort wrapping techniques. Dress up your presents with easy handmade flourishes.

By Amy Panos
Photos by Marty BaldwinProduced by Suzonne Stirling

Dream weaver

Who needs a bow? Satin ribbons create a bold tartan topper (that won't get squished in transit).

How to: Attach two sets of three ribbons to the back of the package, perpendicular to one another, using tape or glue dots. Weave one set of ribbons under, over, and under the other set. Pull the ribbons tight and tape them to the back of the package. Wrapping papers, $5.95 per 10-foot roll; ¼-inch satin ribbon, $3.95 for 10-yard roll;

Shape shifter

A 3-D collage of die-cut shapes makes a package really pop. The secret: adhesive-backed foam spacers from the scrapbooking aisle.

How to: Lay out the design on the wrapped package. Use glue dots to adhere the bottom layer of shapes and spacers to attach the topmost layer. Pine tree branch, holly, holly branch (on blue box), and poinsettia die-cuts; Oh What Fun tag, $10 for 16;

Snowy scene

Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and have a blast splattering paint onto bold-color paper. It looks just like snow flurries, and it's so easy.

How to: Mix 2 parts white crafts paint to 1 part water. Load a 2-inch flat paintbrush with paint. Hold it parallel to the paper, and tap the handle against your hand to splatter the paint. Let the paper dry before wrapping the gift.

Fringe benefits

Special scissors turn ordinary crepe paper into a ruffly cummerbund for your gift.

How to: Stack two or three pieces of crepe paper, long enough to wrap around the package. Tape the ends together. Fringe both sides of the crepe paper, then wrap it around the package. Shred Scissors (similar to shown), $5.50;

Be a wrap master

Watch our videos and learn to make this cute pom-pom, plus the fringed garland and woven ribbon designs.

Want more ideas? Add the iPad to your subscription and see two more quick and easy package designs.