Shine A Light

New & Now: DIY

Celebrate Hanukkah with an industrial-chic menorah.

By Amy Valm
Photos by Tony Lanz Craft by Rayna Schwartz

You’ll need: latex gloves, GorillaGlue, 2 large door hinges, 9 washers, 10 copper tube end caps, 9 hex nuts and 9 candles.

  • 1. Wearing gloves, glue each hinge closed, and then glue the two hinges together end to end to form the base.
  • 2. Arrange and glue washers on the hinges. Affix the tube end caps on top, doubling up on the centre shamash candle holder.
  • 3. Dot one flat side of each hex nut with glue, and then drop one in each tube. Add candles. Happy Hanukkah!