Your Happiest Summer Hair

Warm-weather fun can wreak havoc on your strands. Treat them to a little TLC with these easy tricks from the pros.

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Give your heat-styling routine the cold shoulder. "The intense heat from constant blow-drying dries out your hair and sets it up for major breakage," says Siobhan Quinlan, a hairstylist at Art + Autonomy Salon in New York City.

If your hair is straight or wavy

"After showering, blot hair with a towel, then finger-comb to keep your texture intact," says Vanessa Ungaro, a hairstylist and cofounder of Lauren+Vanessa salon in New York City. "Scrunch up strands pre-product to avoid losing natural texture, then apply a styling cream for soft, not crunchy, waves."

If your hair is curly

"Brush with a wide-tooth comb while it's soaking wet, then squeeze—don't rub—with your towel," says Quinlan. Next, apply a moisturizer and a mousse or curl cream. Once your hair is totally dry (not a minute before, or you'll create frizz), use your hands to separate curls.

Get Glossy

"Hair, especially when color-treated, loses its shine over time and even more quickly when it's in the sun or hot water," says Lauren E. Hack, a hair color specialist and cofounder of Lauren+Vanessa salon. Here are three easy ways to bring back shine: At the salon, get a clear gloss—a shiny seal that gradually washes out. Reap similar benefits with an at-home glaze, like Oribe Glaze for Beautiful Hair Color ($58;; use it in place of conditioner. For all-natural radiance, grab apple cider vinegar, which removes product buildup and closes the cuticle so light better reflects off hair. Mix one cup water with two tablespoons ACV in a spray bottle. After shampooing, mist it on and massage. Rinse after three minutes, then apply conditioner.

Repair Strands

While damaged hair can be the result of a summer well spent—pool parties! beach days!—dry ends are a buzzkill. Quinlan recommends slathering on a hydrating mask before working out or going to the beach (the heat will help the mask penetrate deeper), then rinsing it off in the shower. For more serious rehab, says Quinlan, opt for an Olaplex treatment at a salon: "It's a three-step system that goes deep into the hair shaft to repair broken bonds. Two steps are done in the salon, while the third is a conditioner you use at home to prolong the benefits—softer, healthier, shinier hair." (Find participating salons at

Cut It Out

It may be tempting to put off a haircut until fall, but pros say now is the most crucial time to go in for regular trims. "Hair grows faster in summer, and when you don't cut off split ends, they move farther up the hair shaft and leave hair looking worse," explains Quinlan, who advises getting dustings (quarter-inch trims) every six weeks. To avoid leaving the salon unhappy with the length, Ungaro recommends pointing to exactly where you want your hair to end. "Bringing a picture is always a good idea," she adds.