The Busy Woman's Workout


When you're feeling crazed, exercising can get knocked down the priority list. But it shouldn't—being healthy can help keep you sane. To save you precious time, we asked top trainers for their best bang-for-your-buck move, then put them together in this super-efficient routine. Your inspo: the very busy, very fit founders of the fashion line and fitness site Carbon38.

By Danielle McNally
Photos by Perry Hagopian

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If I don't work out, I'm out of whack. I can't perform well for our company," says Caroline Gogolak (right), who launched Carbon38 with her bff, Katie Warner Johnson, in 2013. Both exercise in the A.M. "You never know what's coming at you that day," says Johnson.

Anna's Best Legs Move

Get in side plank, with your left hand on ground and right hand on right hip. Bend left leg, and lift left foot to touch right knee. Without moving anything else, lower left hip to hover above ground [shown above]. Do 10 reps, then switch sides to complete set. Do 3 sets.

WHAT A RELIEF! Too much pressure on your shoulder or wrist? Feel free to drop down on your forearm at any time, says Kaiser.

Alonzo's Best Upper Body Move

Get in high plank. Do a push-up, then rotate to the right so body faces up with knees bent, feet flat, and butt lifted. Kick right leg overhead as you reach left hand to touch it. Lower, then reverse motion to return to start. Continue for 1 minute, then switch sides.

SUIT UP The women started a high-fashion fitness line because loving your look is a performance enhancer. "I'm more motivated at the gym if I have a kick-ass outfit," says Gogolak.

Jason's Best Butt Move

Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width, toes turned out slightly, and hold a 10-pound weight in front of chest. Keeping chest up, bend knees and lower as far as you can with feet flat on the ground. On first rep only, hold for 15 seconds. Return to start. Do 3 sets of 15 reps, resting 1 minute between sets.

LEARNING EXPERIENCE Holding a weight at your chest (called a goblet squat) helps teach—or reinforce—proper form, says Walsh. It is a reminder to keep your chest lifted and helps with balance.

Noah's Best Abs Move

Lie faceup with legs extended. Lift shoulders and legs off ground with knees bent, and bring hands in fists to chin. Punch left arm forward as you extend left leg, drawing right knee in [shown] , then switch sides, like a bicycle crunch. Punch each arm once more, then lower to return to start. Continue for 1 minute. Rest 15 seconds, then repeat 3 more times.

BUDDY UP Gogolak and Johnson met in ballet class as teens and know the power of strong women. "If you find a great group to work out with, you don't have to compromise fitness for networking," says Johnson. "You can kill so many birds with one stone."

Astrid's Best Cardio Move

Get in forearm plank. Lift right arm and place hand under shoulder, then repeat with left to press up into high plank. Jump feet forward, landing on balls of feet. Don't lower heels. Jump back, then lower to forearms. Continue for 45 seconds. Rest 15 seconds, then repeat 3 times.

IF YOU GET WINDED You don't have to jump forward every time. Swan suggests giving yourself some active recovery by walking right foot forward, then left, when needed.