Natural Wonder

A few natural finds and items you already own are all you need to fill your space with holiday cheer.

By Alexandra Gater
Photos by Sian Richards

Designer Deb Nelson doesn’t overhaul her home’s decor at Christmas, as you might expect. In fact, she does quite the opposite. “I like to work with what I have,” she says, “and add in a few touches here and there.” There are only a couple of special items that appear in her home during the holidays (a red woollen blanket and two antique wooden luges)—the rest comes from the outdoors: fresh holly in a vase on the coffee table, a bowl filled with red berries on the dining table and boughs of evergreen woven around the banister and mantel, tied with red ribbon bows. “I like to use what I can get my hands on right near my space,” says Nelson. “It feels like bringing the outside in.” The result is a classic holiday look that works seamlessly in a home with tons of character.