Style a Mantel Like a Pro

How To

Make your fireplace a joyful focal point with classic holiday colours and greenery.

Find a look
Before starting, gather all your decorating items together so you know what you’re working with. Choose a colour scheme or a decorative element like a pattern, to hold everything together.
Put those sconces to work
Wall-mounted lights are the perfect place to string up a ribbon and display your holiday cards. If you don’t have sconces, use adhesive hooks that can be removed once the celebrations are over.
Mix it up
For long-lasting greenery, drape a faux garland over your mantelpiece, adding a few pieces of real evergreen throughout. It will look and smell like the real thing without all the fuss.
Make it personal
Individualize your stockings by giving each family member a style of his or her own — just make sure they all have something in common, like material, size or colour.
Don’t forget the hearth
If you have a non-working fireplace, consider filling it with ornaments, candles or even wrapped presents. A whimsical touch is a great conversation starter during the holidays.
Decorate with heirlooms
The holidays are often a time of family gathering, so pull out some of your favourite pieces like vintage ornaments or antique candlesticks.