Traditional Spin

home celebrations

Festive dreidels, glimmering Stars of David—set the table for Hanukkah with easy handmade decor.

By john lonsdale
Photos by greg scheidemann Produced by jessica thomas Crafts by STEPHANIE HUNG AND KIM HUTCHISON

All Wrapped Up

Dress up a hurricane vase: Wrap vellum paper around the outside and secure it with double-sided tape. Add pieces of aluminum foil tape cut in various widths.

On a String

Create a timeless garland from colorful paper cutouts with stamped patterns. Glue a string to one side of each cutout. Let dry, and hang.

Center of Attention

A celestial cutout makes these napkin rings shine. Draw a star in the center of a strip of paper. Cut half of the shape and fold it out along the center line. Wrap the strip around a napkin and tape.

Color Play

Add playfulness, shape, and color to the table with painted wood dreidels. Tape off stripes and paint in shades of blue and silver. Let dry before removing the tape.

Finish Line

Talk about a sweet ending. Breathe new life into a plain white tray or cake pedestal, with strips of foil tape cut thin and shaped in the Star of David. To create sharp points, cut ends of the tape at an angle. When the treats have disappeared, the tape effortlessly peels off.