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Make Your Flower Bed

Liven up your lawn with these pretty mixes of plants and blooms.

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Above Image | Courtesy of Proven Winners

combo #1

Give your shrubs a boost of color with a trio of annuals that vary in height: dainty sweet alyssum, hearty geraniums, and sprawling, sweetly fragrant phlox. All three start blooming in spring with plenty of sun and only moderate watering.

combo #2

Put some spring along a path by lining it with this perennial mix that includes cone-shaped grape hyacinth, delicate glory of the snow, and sunny daffodils. All pop up early in the season and should be watered regularly.

combo #3

These heat lovers are good picks for the trickiest hot spots. Hydrangea and lantana bloom all summer, and fuzzy plumes appear on purple fountain grass mid-to-late season. All require minimal watering once established.

combo #4

Fun experiment: Fill a bed with one color. Coralbells, purple alliums, and irises are all perennials that bloom in mid-to-late spring. Alliums and irises may need staking, but they match the height of the spiky, dainty flowers that sprout from the coralbells’ foliage.

combo #5

Here’s an easy-to-do duo: Fountain grass, which sprouts fuzzy plumes from spring to fall, adds height to the bed, while petunias blooming at the same time provide color.

combo #6

Pair up two early-spring bloomers—African daisies and Cool Wave pansies—for a vibrant bed that will bloom as early as April (or even March in warmer climates). Sirocco grass doesn’t flower, but its lush foliage grows tall behind these low to medium growers. All like lots of sun.