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Leading Man

RYAN GOSLING is already timeless. He can go away for a while, do some art-movie adventuring and some enthusiastic kid-having with Eva Mendes, then waltz right back into his gig as Hollywood's leading leading man. He'll probably do it all again in five years—waltz off, waltz back, slay, repeat. But he was at the Oscars last year, he'll be back this year, and next year he's inheriting 'Blade Runner' from Harrison Ford. Right here, right now—this is Ryan Gosling's next peak. GQ's Chris Heath travels to BUDAPEST to witness it up close.


Kenneth Lonergan

Experiencing a film by Kenneth Lonergan is like nothing else; for one thing, because his films are an experience, rather than just pleasant diversions or even particularly moving stories. Of course, Lonergan’s films do have story (plenty, thank you) and they are often pleasant, and not without laughs (the guy was a writer on 'Analyze This' [1999]), but their structure feels less like an Aristotelian narrative dome holding your gaze than a mess of fine-grade sand working its way into your skin. They groove into you in lasting, painful, and maybe even therapeutic ways.