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Make Your Fridge Even Cooler

Think your family’s ready for a refrigerator refresh? Steal this idea from designer Lauren Liess—transform an outdated one with chalkboard paint! It’s a cost-effective way to update a tired-looking appliance. First, clean the fridge’s exterior and remove the handles. Sand the surface with fine-grit sandpaper. Then, wipe with a damp rag, let dry, and tape off the rubber seals.Apply two layers of chalkboard paint.

Custom Comfort

You won’t have to pinch pennies anymore to decorate your house in any pattern imaginable—from stripes to donuts. With newly launched Roostery, shoppers can turn 350,000 designs into items such as napkins, pillows, and furniture at affordable prices.

Clever Ideas for Nail Polish

by Brooke Mahan (left), of What’s Up Moms

Before you toss that electric-blue nail polish you never got around to wearing, check out these simple and savvy ways to make use of it.

  • Color-code keys.
  • Decorate disposable glasses to help guests ID their drinks.
  • Mark the insides of your kids’ shoes “R” and “L.”
  • Refresh dull knobs with a poppy pattern.
  • Paint phone-charger ends so you’ll know whose is whose.

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