#WeekendReads: Your Go-To Grill Guide | A Woman Goes Missing and Never Returns | Pain Relief Remedies

This week in Texture, we learned: 1) Whether it was paying the check or hitting the town with Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods was 0-for-2 as a pickup artist. 2) Reading about the sins and scandals of the Mitford sisters will make another Downton Abbey-less Sunday more bearable. 3) Despite Star’s shocking headline, we’re with #TeamKelly in the Live feud. 4) Grit is the new buzzword when predicting career success. 5) Huge is the feud between Donald Trump and Fortune over his net worth. Also up for debate: Is he flipping the bird in this photo? 6) Gift ideas from Today’s Parent will make Mother’s Day nice and easy, though a Texture subscription may just be the best gift of all. (We couldn’t resist!)

—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Editors' Picks

Pain Relief Now!

Consumer Reports

CR estimates Americans spend over $300 billion on pills, procedures, pot and other natural remedies to cure their throbbing heads, backs and knees. What will truly spell relief?

Jennifer Lopez: From the Hip

W Magazine

“People underestimate me. They always have, and maybe that’s for the best. It’s fun to prove them wrong.”

21 Sex Questions Every Couple Should Ask


Move over, Masters & Johnson: Posing these questions and discussing the answers could lead to a more satisfying sex life for both of you.



Each year, approximately 70,000 women are reported missing in the United States. This is the story of a woman named Tiffany who went shopping and never came back.

The Purple Reign: 1958-2016

The Singer


Did the legend’s faith keep him from seeking help for his chronic hip pain?

Remembering a Legend

Us Weekly

From crazy costumes to inside Paisley Park, a toast to his royal badass.

The Many Lives of the Unparalleled Artist and Musician


Sheila E., Tracy Morgan, and Jimmy Jam (among many others) reveal the inside stories and alchemy of a once-in-a-lifetime star.

Prince After Dark


In a rare interview with Essence in 2014, Prince pulled back the purple curtain and shared why performing music made him feel so alive. Hard to read now. But worth every word.

Tap Into These Covers

Today's Parent

National Review

Reader's Digest


Your Grill Guide

All Up In Your Grill

Women's Health

BBQ isn’t just a boys club anymore. Female chefs/pit bosses serve up their best grill tips, a chili-rubbed rib recipe, and more.

Dinner on the Grill


An all-veggie dinner on the grill? It’s not only possible. It’s delicious.

8 Innovations For Your Summer BBQ

Popular Science

Grill and chill smarter with high-tech gadgets for the hippest backyard ever.

All Fired Up!


This ain’t your daddy’s beef patty. New twists on burgers, including shrimp sliders and Mexican-style two-fisters.

A Farewell to Prince: Texture Delivers Early Access to People’s Must-Read Tribute


And so it begins. The sad parade of cover tributes to Prince, who died April 21 at the all-too-young age of 57. After The New Yorker‘s purple rain cover, People weighs in with some rarely seen photos of the legend, and the very true words of critic Alynda Wheat who writes “while genius never dies, geniuses do—and often too soon.” The story reveals how the singer’s faith (he was a Jehovah’s Witness) provided him with a “safe haven.”  But Wheat wonders if it also made the platform-shoe loving Prince reluctant to seek a surgical solution to decades of wear and tear on his hips? (The faith discourages blood transfusions required for most surgeries.) The most heartbreaking note comes from Mayte Garcia, who married Prince on Valentine’s Day 1996, and was the mother of his son, Boy Gregory, who died of a rare birth disorder just a week after he was born. The couple divorced in 2000 (after Garcia suffered a second miscarriage). “I loved him then. I love him now,” she tells the magazine, adding, “he’s with our son now.”

Plus, read Texture’s Collection on Prince’s life and work, featuring stories from The New Yorker, Essenceand a look back at one of his last interviews, which appeared in Entertainment Weekly last fall.

EARLY ACCESS: Fame Won’t Change Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer2

Vanity Fair’s exclusive interview with the unbelievable, and uncensored, Amy Schumer is now live in our app.

“Followers of Schumer’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, where she often posts pictures of herself and Kim, know Caramele as #roadmanager, a nickname she acquired when she worked for her sister in that capacity after she joined the staff of Inside Amy Schumer. “I’d go to all her [stand-up] shows,” Caramele said. “I was really the liaison between her and the venues. I’d talk to the venue, make sure that everything was O.K., that she had everything she needed, that the house was opening on time. Which is funny, as one thinks back on it, because usually when you see people and their managers, they don’t look like me. I would show up in sweatpants and braids, and people would be like, ‘Who the fuck is this girl?’ I’d be”—she affected an angry, manager-y voice—“ ‘This stool doesn’t have a back and it should.’ And they’d be, ‘Uh, what … ?’ But it made sense because I wanted everything to go well because I love her and care about her. It was a really natural protective thing for me to do.”

Amy Schumer

I told Caramele that it sounded as if she helped keep her sister on an even keel. Not exactly, Kim replied. “She’s not like this dramatic person who will call me with problems every night. She doesn’t call for emotional support. It’s more like if she tweets something or posts a picture of herself on Instagram sitting on a toilet, I’ll text her and be like, ‘Babe … ?’ And she’ll be like, ‘Sorry!’ She used to ask me, like, ‘Can I tweet this?’ And I’d be, ‘No!’ But now she doesn’t ask me and I just yell at her after the fact.”  – Bruce Handy


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#WeekendReads: The Most Beautiful Woman in the World | Best Reads of the Week | The Greatest Food Around the Globe

What did we learn reading Texture this week? 1) You can actually win someone’s trust by offering an unsolicited apology around a ho-hum topic like the weather. 2) Reagan had his jellybeans. Guess which presidential candidate said, “Goldfish are my weakness”? 3) Men may not have a time of the month, but their hormones can cause male mood swings. 4) Sunshine, water, boardwalks, quaint shops, and pretty cottages are the hallmarks of the happiest towns in America. 5) Finally, Prince sang “let’s go crazy” at work, but at home he was a shy, thoughtful, and very engaging host who could be quick with a comeback. When EW‘s Leah Greenblatt conducted what’s now one of the last interviews with Prince at Paisley Park, she told him she was struck by how quiet the place was.  To which he replied, “Sometimes the doves are noisy.” Yes, he still had doves—and today, they’re not the only ones crying.

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—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Editor's' Picks

Jennifer Aniston Is the World's Most Beautiful Woman


Life is about embracing and loving yourself and being okay with your limitations, says the 47-year-old actress who has finally found peace in the spotlight.

Sheet Pan Suppers for Busy Weeknights

Clean Eating

Five complete (and easy!) meals. Wild flavor. No cleanup. Need we say more?

Thrones of Blood

The New Yorker

In preparation for the highly anticipated premiere of Game of Thrones: Season 6, one writer reflects on his experience binge-watching the most addictive show on television.

Lifesaving Advice From an EMT

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Simple things you can do this weekend that will help you and your family survive in an emergency.

Best Reads of the Week

Taylor Swift As You've Never Seen Her Before


The pop queen pops in – unannounced – to her childhood home, makes a toast at her best friend’s wedding, and performs for a phone-less audience for the first time ever.

The Mastermind: Eyes Everywhere

the Atavist

With a team of elite commandos, 100 kilos of North Korean meth, and a plan to kill, Paul Le Roux attempts his most daring scheme yet.

What's It like to Hang with George Clooney?


Over cups of Nepresso, George Clooney and Esquire’s departing editor David Granger talk covers, careers, and cool. It’s two men at their very best.

What Is the Secret Shame of the Middle Class?

The Atlantic

When surveyed, 47% of Americans said they would struggle finding $400 to pay for an emergency. And that is only just the beginning.

Tap Into These Covers


Real Simple


Rolling Stone

How to Eat Around the World

Where to Eat Now in the World's Food Capitals


When in Rome…try the cream-filled donuts and when you’re in Paris, try Japanese. Here’s where to go now in the world’s greatest food cities.

Andrew Zimmern's Guide to the Globe

Food & Wine

Bizarre Foods TV host Andrew Zimmern travels the world eating the scariest things he can find. Now he’s sharing his global recipes from Chinese dumplings to Indian butter chicken.

Don't Mess With Lyon


Famous French chef Daniel Boulud takes writer Adam Sachs on a gastronomical tour around his hometown of Lyon.

Six Days of Culinary Bliss in Montreal

Town & Country

How this Canadian city became home to the best restaurants in… America?

High Times with Aspen’s Cannabis Kingpin

high times outside magazine

Jordan Lewis runs the ritziest pot store in the country: Aspen, Colorado’s Silverpeak Apothecary, where sommelier-like “budtenders” sell gourmet ganja in a designer showroom. But soon after he arrived, he found himself under siege from locals worried about that skunky smell wafting over their mountain valley. It’s enough to drive a man to toke.

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#WeekendReads: Lead a Green Life | Best Reads of the Week | Khloé Gets Real

What did we learn reading Texture this week? 1) The proper way to ghost. 2) Bowls, the dish, not the football event, are having a moment–with breakfast cuppas, poké lunches and deep dish dinners that will have even the pickiest eaters asking for more. 3) That Mother Jones has cracked the case of Wonderful Pistachios, which consumes more of the drought-stricken California’s water than any other family, farm, or company. 4) Where people go when they get bored in Ibiza. 5) What it takes to be more productive at work and in life.

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—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Editors' Picks

Could a Human Head Transplant Save the Life of This Man?

Men's Health

Valery Spiridonov’s brain is sharp, but the rest of him is dying. If only his could be transplanted onto a new, healthy body. Turns out, he knows a guy.

One Nation Under Guns


Reporter Michael Paterniti admits it was a perverse assignment: To visit the sites of the 14 mass shootings that occurred in the span of 10 days late last fall. He delivers a haunting portrait of what happens when the cameras withdraw and a nation denies its own culpability.

The Björn Solution


How two guys named Björn (one of whom is the super trooper from ABBA) are angling to turn Sweden into the world’s first cashless country.

The New Kool Khloé


The curviest Kardashian reveals how she lost 35 pounds and became a healthy-body champion. Haters be…envious.

Best Reads of the Week

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

Consumer Reports

Less than 1% of dog and cat owners have pet insurance. But should your four-legged friend need emergency surgery or become seriously ill, it could save you a bundle. The pros and serious cons of the fastest-growing insurance in America.

The Mastermind: He Got Greedy

the Atavist

Paul Le Roux constructed elaborate escape plans to avoid detection and arrest. But he didn’t factor in the persistence of a Minneapolis DEA agent named Kim Brill.

Transgender in the Military


By some accounts, there are an estimated 12,800 active-duty trans people in the U.S. military. Writer Chadwick Moore details some of their inspiring stories.

How We Made Our Sex Lives Hotter


The OMG insights of six real-life women who upped their sex game.

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How to Live Organically

Going Green

Travel + Leisure

Staycations are the greenest travel option, but who wants to sit at home all summer? Tips on how to save energy and resources no matter where you go.

18 Natural Beauty Buys


Finding a great green product that delivers isn’t as easy as it should be. Here are the blushes, balms, and body scrubs that make the cut.

A Tree Grows in Tuscaloosa

Rodale's Organic Life

After an EF4 tornado destroyed the town she loved, Sarita Cox was emotionally devastated. Then she realized to heal herself, she would have to heal the land.

How to Recycle Your Technology

PC Magazine

Do your part by donating your old technology or getting rid of it in an environmentally friendly way.

#WeekendReads: Ashton Kutcher is a Startup Star | Best Reads of the Week | Weekend DIY Projects

This week Texture is talking about the L word–in this case, loyalty. From the campaign trail, where civility may be in short supply, there’s plenty of respect for Huma Abedin, often referred to as Hillary’s Other Daughter, and Ivanka Trump, seen as her father’s most valuable asset. In a surprising interview, Today show anchor Tamron Hall talks about her efforts to keep the memory of her murdered sister alive, while Oprah‘s editors explore staying devoted in the digital age. But it would be hard to find a spirit more loyal and true than Betsy, a Spaniel mix who reminds us that zeal for work and speaking one’s mind is key to a well-lived life. May we all follow her lead.

—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Editors' Picks

Ashton Kutcher: The Money Dude


With early bets on Airbnb and Uber, Ashton Kutcher and investment partner Guy Oseary have created a $250 million portfolio. The secrets of their midas touch.

The New College Application


All you had to do was not blow the SAT. You won’t believe what it takes to get into college today.

Larry Page: Inside a Beautiful Mind


Having created the most successful company on the planet, the Google CEO now wants to solve the world’s thorniest problems. We like his chances.

The Tabloid Tale of Charlie Sheen and Me

The Hollywood Reporter

National Enquirer editor-in-chief Dylan Howard was the volatile actor’s confidant until the tabloid began investigating rumors that the actor was HIV-positive. A trip inside Sheen’s warlock world.

Best Reads of the Week

What Happened to Tiger Woods?

Sports Illustrated

The stunning decline of the world’s greatest golfer and whether his glory days are truly behind him.

Hack Your Dinner Party

Rachael Ray Every Day

Store-bought shortcuts for an easy, inexpensive get together.

25 Cars Worth Waiting For

Car and Driver

Get your motor running for the 2017 Aston Martin DB11, the 2018 Tesla Model 3 and the 2020 Apple car.

Photo Ark: Documenting the World's Animals

National Geographic

Don’t miss: Photographer Joel Sartore is on a deeply personal mission to photograph every nearly extinct animal on the planet.

Tap Into These Covers

Woman's Day


Us Weekly

Wine Enthusiast

On Your Weekend To-Do List

Find It. Frame It. Hang It.

Do-It-Yourself Magazine

Get everything from iPhone pictures to posters up on your walls without spending a fortune. Best tip? A nifty trick to make your flat-screen blend in.

The Porch Capital of America

Country Living

Welcome to Serenbe, Georgia, where the townspeople have perfected the art of good porching. And share how to get yours in gear.

The Top 10 Outdoor Dining Chairs to Buy

ELLE Decor

If pulling out the deck furniture means dusting off a lot of wrought iron or teak, it’s time to upgrade.

Everything Guide to Paint


From picking the best shade of white to which brush to use, this is painting for dummies that will make your home look smart.

Texture Roundup: Autism Awareness Day | Best Reads of the Week | Bono’s Fight Against Poverty

When even Wine Enthusiast has a sports issue, we know it’s time to play ball. In the Lineup: The stunning fall of Johnny Manziel and the steep decline of Tiger Woods reveal the all-too-human faults in two superstars. Setting the Gold Standard: Bill May was born to synchronize swim. Will he ever get his shot at Olympic glory? Born to Run: What the Williams sisters are to tennis, the Dibaba siblings are to distance running. On Top of the World: New challenges on Everest as climbing season begins. To paraphrase Edmund Hillary, aim high and don’t look down.

—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Editors' Picks

What Killed the Bear Lady?


For 28 years, Kay Grayson lived among the black bears of North Carolina. Then she went missing. Investigators would eventually make a gruesome discovery: her clean-picked bones. Did the beasts she loved turn on her? Or did something far more sinister happen?

Bono: Leading the Fight Against Poverty


Bono once dreamed of making U2 the biggest band in the world. Now he aims to make the world a better place. Learn why so many global leaders like his chances.

Becoming Meryl Streep

Vanity Fair

An excerpt from an upcoming biography recounts the making of Kramer vs. Kramer, and how she was taunted on the set by co-star Dustin Hoffman.

End Allergy Hell

Women's Health

It’s the sneezin’ season. Use this flowchart to figure out when it’s time to call for backup from the allergy pros. Kiss those tissues goodbye.

Best Reads of the Week

Amy Adams: The Thinking Woman's Guide to Hollywood


If you look up fourth-born, it will tell you far more about me than I want you to know, says Adams, who comes from a family of seven and is a big believer in birth-order dynamics.

Welcome to Hillstone

Bon Appetit

The secret reasons why Hillstone is America’s favorite restaurant.

The Mastermind: Absolute Fear

the Atavist

Paul Le Roux expands his reach from illegal prescriptions to gunrunning with deadly consequences.

Old-Fashioned Niceties for the Modern World

Real Simple

Put down the phone, and pick up a pen. Read aloud to your partner. Teach your kids not to mumble. Such gracious habits never go out of style.

Tap Into These Covers




Yoga Journal

In Honor of Autism Awareness Day

5 Things You Didn't Know About Autism

Family Circle

One out of every 45 American kids is diagnosed with the developmental disorder. Here are the latest insights as well as promising new drugs to help children deal with social and emotional skills.

The Future For Kids With Autism


By 2034, there will be nearly 1 million young adults with autism…. We must start preparing and building now in order to give them the future they deserve, writes Jamie Pacton, the mother of an autistic son.

A Troubled Boy


In profiling a small-town teenager with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other mental health issues, Tom Chiarella underscores the challenges familes, schools and law enforcement face in finding the right treatment.

Autism in Early America

The Smithsonian

It’s considered a 20th-century phenomenon but a fresh historical analysis suggests that a pioneering doctor was examining people with autism before The Civil War.

#WeekendReads: How to Have the Best Wine Year of Your Life | Most-Read Stories This Week | Megyn Kelly on Trump and More

It’s On: Blasting your belly fat is Dr. Oz’s spring wish for you. He’s On It: Barack Obama talks foreign policy in an exit interview with our newest title The Atlantic, though he may want to read the story on midlife career shifts. We’re So Into It: Modern Farmer, another title new to the stable, is très chick, with a cover story on how to build your own chicken coop. Why Not Just Do It: With tax day now less than a month away, Money suggest fun ways to spend your refund. Time to get crackin’.

—Maggie M., Texture Editorial Director

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Editors' Picks

Rihanna: Working It


Fierce, fabulous and shutting down rumors of a rivalry with Beyonce.

Megyn Kelly: Lessons From America's Most Beautiful Badass


The Fox news maven on going toe-to-toe with Donald Trump, her greatest fears, and the man who shaped her life.

50 Things That Are Worth the Money


What’s worth it and what’s a waste? A rocking chair, traveling international business class, and a bacon cheeseburger are always the best investments.

How to Have the Best Wine Year of Your Life

Food & Wine

Your go-to guide to becoming an absolute wino without faking it. First step: join a wine club.

The Best Reads of the Week

The 100 Best Companies to Work For


The perks make Google, Wegmans, REI and others superior employers, but it’s the way they spread the wealth and promote fairness that really got them on this list.

Episode 2: I'm Your Boss Now

The Atavist Magazine

How did Paul Le Roux build his cartel? “What’s really sad about this,” says one former associate, “[is seeing] good people getting sucked into something just because they felt threatened.”

27 Secret Ways to Save on Everything


From watching a movie at 10 a.m. to filling your fridge at 9:30 p.m., this is your guide to spending less around the clock.

Kaley Cuoco is a #$%ing Feminist, Okay?!


The Big Bang star opens up about being newly single, her Insta cleanse, and clarifying that she is indeed a feminist.

Tap Into These Cover Stories

Garden & Gun




From Flab to Flat: Belly Fixes

Your Flat-Belly Meal Plan

Clean Eating

Your mission for rock-solid abs starts in the kitchen. What to eat for two weeks—snacks included!

20 Flat-Belly Hacks

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Did you know green tea, asparagus, and cucumbers can help trim your waistline? Find out other debloating secrets here.

Torch Your Belly Fat

Men's Health

Medicine ball slams, goblet squats, box jumps—these are just a couple of the high-powered exercises to fry off that fat.

Sexier Abs in 7 Days


A workout schedule for every day of the week. Muscle strengtheners on Mondays, burpees on Wednesdays, here’s your daily cheat sheet.