ICYMI: Growing up Biden, the Face of Fox News, and Summer’s Biggest Blockbuster.

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Talk about a triple threat! Jodie Foster, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts collab for the first time ever in their upcoming summer hit Money Monster.


"When Stars Align," Entertainment Weekly, May 20, 2016
“When Stars Align,” Entertainment Weekly, May 20, 2016

Has Megyn Kelly already won the 2016 election? And 11 other questions answered by the face of Fox News.

"12 Questions with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly," TIME, May 23, 2016
“12 Questions with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly,” TIME, May 23, 2016

The Supreme Court may be undecided on the ‘contraceptive mandate,’ but Marie Claire is unwavering in its pro-choice stance. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of their reproductive rights series.

"Mission Critical: The Abortion Debate," Marie Claire, June 2016
“Mission Critical: The Abortion Debate,” Marie Claire, June 2016

Step aside Gigi, is Bella the new “it” girl?

"BELLA," Elle, June 2016
“BELLA,” Elle, June 2016

In an exclusive interview with Popular MechanicsVice President Joe Biden and son Hunter discuss the tragic loss of  Beau Biden, the bond between the Veep and his kids, and what growing up Biden truly means. This is one of those stories that makes you want to hug your kids —or call you parents.

"One Unit, Right to the Very End," Popular Mechanics, June 2016
“One Unit, Right to the Very End,” Popular Mechanics, June 2016


What Should You Read Today?

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1. This week marked the 44th anniversary of Exile on Main Street, which is the perfect time to revisit the working life of Mick & Keith.

"The Ballad of Mick and Keith," Vanity Fair, April 2016
“The Ballad of Mick and Keith,” Vanity Fair, April 2016

2. Before Nike built a billion dollar business around Michael, Tiger, and Lance, they built a philosophy around a rock star runner.

"Pre and Me," Runner's World, June 2016
“Pre and Me,” Runner’s World, June 2016

3. Do you know about the Howard Stern of hip-hop? Meet Charlamagne Tha God.

"Tha God of Radio," New York Magazine, May 2 - 15, 2016
“Tha God of Radio,” New York Magazine, May 2 – 15, 2016

4. If your summer plans don’t include a coast-to-cost food tour, these 34 dishes will convince you otherwise.

"Around the Country in 34 Dishes," Travel + Leisure, June 2016
“Around the Country in 34 Dishes,” Travel + Leisure, June 2016

Have a great weekend, and happy reading!

Ask The Editor: Vanessa De Luca of ‘Essence’ discusses 5 favorite stories of 2015

Blog Post_vanessa de luca

After a year full of amazing magazine stories and covers, we’ve caught up with some of our favorite editors to find out their highlights of 2015. Here, Essence Editor-in-Chief Vanessa De Luca discusses the covers she loved and the stories that moved her most in 2015.

My most memorable Essence story of the year:


Our package on the 29 Black Women of the White House that ran in the November 2015 issue was a winner. The response to the story in print, online and in social media was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. One reader wrote to us, “I never knew that so many Black women supported the president behind the scenes.” Another told us, “Let’s revel in the glory of powerful Black women in the White House because we may not see this again for a long time.” This story memorably delivered on our mission, which is to tell Black women’s stories like no one else can.

Read the full story in Texture.

The 2015 story I admire most: 


The TIME magazine cover story on the Charleston AME shootings was particularly poignant in the amount of depth and texture that was used to tell the story.

Read the cover story in Texture.

The 2015 story that surprised me most:


The story wasn’t in print, it was a behind the scenes video of Donald Trump being photographed for a TIME cover story with a bald eagle. It added some much-needed levity to what has already proved to be a tumultuous presidential race.

See the bonus video in Texture.

My favorite Essence cover of 2015:


Our February 2015 Black Lives Matter cover, hands down. It was the first in our 45-year-history not to feature a person. And during Black History Month, it truly resonated with our audience.

Read the cover story in Texture.

My favorite 2015 cover from another publication:


I absolutely loved EW‘s cover interview with Amy Schumer–the photographs in particular were cheeky and fun.

Read the cover story in Texture.

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Ask the Editor: Jonna Gallo Weppler of ‘Family Circle’ talks 2015 highlights

Blog Post_Jonna Gallo Weppler

As we near the end of 2015, we’ve reached out to some of our favorite editors to look back on their best stories of the year. Here, Family Circle‘s Deputy Editor Jonna Gallo Weppler discusses her magazine’s highlights as well as the stories that moved her most in 2015.

My most memorable Family Circle story of the year:


I loved “This Is Not A Puff Piece” by Scott Alexander in our October issue, about how e-cigarette usage is skyrocketing even though very little is known about their long-term health effects. With middle-schoolers getting in on the action—we’re talking kids in 6th and 7th grade—we felt it was essential to inform parents of the disturbing trend and arm them with conversation starters. Our story proved ahead of its time—on October 26, a month or so after our piece was published, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued sweeping new recommendations, stating that “e-cigarettes are threatening to addict a new generation to nicotine.”

Read it in Texture.

The 2015 story I admire most: 

I admired the essay “Don’t Glorify This Tragedy” by Mary Forsberg Weiland that Rolling Stone published in early December, about the drug-related death of Mary’s ex-husband Scott Weiland, lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots. Her teenagers helped clarify the truth about what it was like to try to live with their dad, the mix of love and disappointment that characterized the glorified rock-and-roll lifestyle. It was poignant, sad and unapologetically truthful.

The 2015 story that surprised me most:

I found myself nodding my head reflexively a LOT when I read “The Myth of Easy Cooking” by Elizabeth G. Dunn in The Atlantic. It’s a fascinating, engaging breakdown of our culture’s relentless obsession with all things being “quick” and “easy,” and how those terms have been applied to from-scratch cooking—which is, unfortunately, neither particularly quick or easy. Great piece.

My favorite Family Circle cover of 2015:


My favorite Family Circle cover of 2015 was May, which featured a gorgeously colorful, totally spring-y bouquet of gerbera daisies, exactly what we all needed after a long winter. It was the result of a cool collaboration with the garden pros at White Flower Farm and was the first time we had a shop-able cover.

Read the full issue in Texture.

My favorite 2015 cover from another publication:


Personally, I loved the June Food Network cover, the big line “Summer At Last” spoke to me because I just really wanted it to be summer by then! As for the giant Mint Chip Gelato cone? Umm, YES, PLEASE. It’s like the issue was begging for a beach outing!

That said, of course the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover merits mentioning. That story was just enormous on so many fronts, but I think most of all for how it put a print book in the epicenter of a social media explosion, where Caitlyn was trending on Facebook and Twitter for days and days. I read in the Wall Street Journal that the story had 3.9 billion (yes, billion with a b) social media impressions, and it gave Vanity Fair a huge boost at the newsstand, resulting in its highest-selling cover in 5 years. Fascinating, and heartening, to see in real time that social media can drive newsstand sales for print magazines—which, even in the age of the Internet, still have much to offer our collective cultural conversation.

Get the Food Network Mint Chip Gelato recipe and don’t miss the Vanity Fair Caitlyn Jenner cover story in Texture.

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Ask The Editor: Susan Spencer of ‘Woman’s Day’ reveals her favorites of 2015

Blog Post-1

As the year winds down, we’ve tapped some of our favorite editors to look back on their best stories of the year. Here, Woman’s Day Editor-in-Chief Susan Spencer discusses her magazine’s highlights as well as the stories that moved her most in 2015.

My most memorable Woman’s Day story of the year:


“Home At Last” (June 2015) focuses on Suzy Mellen, who was wrongly convicted of murder and incarcerated for 17 years. The story follows the arc of her conviction and time in jail, then her 2014 release into a very different world. It’s supported by lovely images that show Suzy’s life with her family today, including her new baby grandson. Heartwarming but with a news edge, the story is a great example of WD’s “woman next door” stories, which depict ordinary Americans in extraordinary circumstances.

Read it in Texture.

The 2015 story I admire most: 


Meticulously reported and beautifully written, “Unfollow” by Adrian Chen is precisely why I love The New Yorker (though I’m perpetually two issues behind). I was fascinated by this insightful examination of both a religious sect and a young woman who came to know her own heart through social media.

Read it in Texture.

The 2015 story that surprised me most:


I was both surprised and moved by People’s decision to run the names and contact information of every member of Congress in its October 19 issue after a mass shooting in Oregon. It was brave and smart and necessary.

Read it in Texture.

My favorite Woman’s Day cover of 2015:


Our fresh, playful July/August cover, which featured cute animals—a frog and a turtle—carved out of watermelons. It’s exactly what our readers wanted from Woman’s Day this year: a fun image plus a terrific idea that they can replicate at home.

Make the edible centerpieces with instructions in Texture.

My favorite 2015 cover from another publication:


While my inner fangirl wants me to say the Entertainment Weekly cover with Rick, Carol and Daryl of The Walking Dead, I’ll go with Saveur’s October 2015 lobster linguine cover. I wanted to eat that dish so badly—which is of course the point of a well-executed food cover.

Read the Entertainment Weekly ‘The Walking Dead’ cover story and get the Saveur ‘Lobster Linguine’ recipe in Texture.

View the other parts of the Year in Magazines here:

(Texture’s Top 12 Stories of 2015)

(People Who Shaped Our Year)

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Guest Curators: Yummertime Talks Travel, California and Summer Style

Next Issue says: Read up on men’s fashion, grooming and travel with Yummertime’s edit of their favorite magazines.

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We’re Yummertime, a San Francisco-based life, style, and travel blog, photographed and curated by the two of us — Brock Williams and Chris Lin. To put it more plainly, Yummertime is just our life and style, wrapped up neatly into a series of photos and posts. And to us, it encapsulates every feeling that we have about summertime. Sophisticated, yet still casual, men’s style, a love for all things pizza-related and an obsession with California — that’s how we live our life, at least to a small extent. 

We were introduced to Next Issue just two months ago, and have fallen in love with how easy it is for us to take some of our favorite magazines on the go, without having to pack anything. A bit trite to say, but when you’re traveling as much as we do, it’s a complete drag having to lug so many publications around. We’re excited to see what new publications Next Issue acquires in their already large library. :)

Chris's Picks

Dress for Success


“Gender ambiguity in the form of what you wear, as exemplified by Kanye West and Jared Leto. I probably won’t ever wear a dress — I’d need to do way too many squats and leg lifts — but I appreciate a man who takes said risk.”
– Chris

All Of The Berries

Bon Appétit

“I’m a HUGE fan of berries, and right when summer starts, I go straight for the strawberries and blackberries, as opposed to the popular choice of watermelon. A signfifcant decision to make, obviously. PLUS, this article focuses on every way to use berries, from pavlovas and waffles to a simple way to give a club soda a kick” – Chris

The Emerald Archipelago

Condé Nast Traveler

We’ve never thought about visiting the Philippines before, but we also didn’t know how much there. We’re always looking for new places to travel (the more tropical the better!). PLUS, there is a gorgeous pastel, pink church in Manila… so we pretty much have to go now.

Give Summer the Slip


“From age 5 to 12, I only wore slip-on Vans, because I never wanted to learn how to tie my shoes. Now, slip-ons are making a successful comeback, and I’m feelin’ it.”
– Chris

Brock's Picks

East Bay All The Way

Bon Appétit

“Unfortunately, we never make it to the East Bay. I think we’ve only ever been to Oakland twice, but we’ve really been wanting to spend more time there, especially as the food scene continues to thrive.” -Brock

Details Best of Grooming Awards 2015


I’m borderline obsessed—and by that I mean completely obsessed—with grooming products. I love reading about other people’s regimens and discovering new products to try.” – Brock

Your Doober is Arriving


“One of those articles titles that just grabs your attention right away. Super interested to hear more about just how mainstream weed has become.” -Brock

Build the Perfect Beach Body


“Because it’s always nice to have a little gymspiration. Or, in this case, a lot.” – Brock

Yummertime Lifestyle

The Perfect Summer Suit


“Where GQ’s ideal summer suit (July 2015 issue) sits right above the knee (gross, not cute), Details takes a smart look at how wearing a suit that’s just a bit shorter can make you look all the more put together” – Brock+Chris

Everyone in the Pool

Bon Appétit

“Palm Springs. A pool. Summery cocktails. EVERYTHING that a good weekend entails” – Brock+Chris

The 20 Best Dressed Men Alive


“We’re constantly looking for style inspiration all around us, and we appreciate being able to quickly flip through the styles of 20 men who interpret and express themselves in different ways.” Brock+Chris

The Pizza Saint of Philly

Bon Appétit

“Honestly, we never really thought about visiting Philadelphia before reading this, but we’ll do anything for pizza, especially if it’s the best pizza in America at the moment.” – Brock+Chris

Reader Picks: MrsMuffinTop’s selections on summer beauty and stellar parenting

It’s summertime. The kids are out of school. Your crazy routine just got ten times crazier.

MrsMuffinTop is here to help. 

Guest-Curator-mrs-muffin-topHi!  I’m Jacqui, the creator and head author of MrsMuffinTop.  

I love taking my iPhone with me everywhere now that I have Next Issue!  I read my favorite magazines while I’m at the doctor’s office (no more 5-year-old print issues in the lobby to pretend I enjoy), or when I’m waiting for the water to boil while making mac and cheese for my three kids. 

I definitely understand the problems that come along with a packed schedule, especially during the summertime. I hope you enjoy my picks on simple summer beauty hacks and lifesaving parenting tips (everything from discipline to keeping the house clean and comfy to what to make for dinner tonight).

Happy Reading!


Want to be the next Guest Curator? Shoot us an email!

The Busy Parent's Guide to Life

Win Win Discipine


I love it when parents acknowledge that every child is different, and that we shouldn’t treat them all the same. This is a great way to learn how to communicate with all different types of kids.

Your Top 10 Most Googled Parenting Questions

Today's Parent

Parents, This list will make you feel so much better about Googling how to do these things. You are not alone!

50 Ways to Make Your Home Mess Free

Family Circle

We could all use at least a few of these easy to implement and AFFORDABLE choices for getting rid of clutter and messes.

The Essential Guide to Summer Grilling


In my house, it just isn’t summer without cobbler…and HELLO strawberry s’mores cobbler! Can’t wait to give this recipe a try.

My Favorite Summer Beauty Tips

Style Guide: Pack Like A Pro!

People Style Watch

Moms, this year you don’t need to neglect yourselves on summer vacay! Pack light with these awesome style and beauty suggestions.

2015 Readers' Choice Awards


All of the best hair, makeup, and skin care innovations at your fingertips. Save research time and check out these faves.

One Signature Style 3 Ways


How about a hairstyle with a hat trick of tweaks? There are perfect ideas for a summer of low-maintenance, stylish hair.

Gorgeous Lips

Women's Health

Don’t neglect your lips! We put sunscreen everywhere else, but tend to forget the lips. Get the deal on why, and other tips.

Reader Picks: Mario Bonifacio on getting smart about personal finance


I’m Mario Bonifacio and I write about saving money, paying off debt, and investing toward financial independence at DebtBLAG.com and AdventuresinFrugal.com—two blogs I started to document my journey out of six figures of student loans and credit card debt through frugal living and getting smart about personal finance. Follow me on the blogs, or on Twitter at @mariobonifacio.

I use Next Issue to stay abreast of the always-changing economic climate and to find tons of personal advice. It’s great for both catching up on long-form articles on lazy Sunday mornings and for reading a quick bit of motivation on my commute into the office.

Hope you enjoy my picks on the markets and personal finance!


Want to be the next Guest Curator? Shoot us an email.

The World Markets

All-In on Oil


The article leads with solid, if not intuitive, investment advice—bet on oil as it rebounds—but moves forward with something far more interesting: the profile of a self-made, billionaire commercial banker who’s watched macroeconomic trends to get in and out of the loan market at all the right times over the past few decades.

Time, Peace


There’s been no shortage of press on the cool features of the new Apple Watch, but this article finally answered why we might need yet another device: to get us away from checking our phones so frequently.

Verizon Ushers in the Era of "Skinny Cable"

Bloomberg Businessweek

No, cable isn’t the biggest line item on my monthly budget, but the limited options of all too similarly bloated packages are a real thorn in my side. Verizon’s first “skinny” cable offering may not yet be the game-changer we’ve been waiting for, but it’s at least a welcome sign of things to come.

Agenda: A World of Easy Money

Bloomberg Markets

This article dicusses far-reaching actions taken by dozens of central banks globally to implement expansionary monetary policy in response to what’s becoming undeniably clear—that we remain in a worldwide recession

Getting Smart: Personal Finance

America's Best, Freshest Supermarkets

Consumer Reports

This article not only explores the changing landscape of the best supermarkets in the country, but also explores our own changing view of what makes a supermarket the “best,” with the magazine’s own criteria expanding to include a new focus on freshness and locally produced goods. Even with the updated standards, a familiar face dominates the ratings.

101 Ways to Build Wealth


While I normally tend to avoid exhaustive lists, this one was so well-written and so methodically laid out that it was fun to read it and check off the steps I was and wasn’t following.

Where to Invest $1,000 Now


This article surprised me; I expected it to tell me about one hot stock or one hot sector, but instead it offered responsible advice including getting on top of debt and ensuring my will and testament were up to date.

Lessons Un-Learned


This article finds fault with a number of ideas accepted among the b-school crowd when it comes to starting your own business. I may not agree with all of the points, but I’m always stimulated when forced to challenge the conventional wisdom.

Guest Curator Neil Binkley: the best photography & design in Next Issue now

Next Issue says: Hope you enjoy Neil’s unique insights on photojournalism, cover design, and ads!

Ready to be the next Guest Curator? Shoot us an email.


Hi, I’m Neil Binkley. As a Photography Consultant and Designer, I’m constantly immersed in the world of magazines.

The consultant side of me helps commercial photographers (the ones who shoot for Rolling Stone, TIME, and pretty much every magazine in Next Issue) curate their portfolios. My designer side is what compelled me to start BINKLEY+, a creative collaboration with artists of all stripes.

I’ve always loved magazines, and Next Issue is like the key to the candy store. I’m endlessly curious about travel ideas, interior design, politics, cooking, plus a good story like what you’d find inside The New Yorker. Magazines also provide me a ton of research material on everything from layouts to typography to color combinations.

I used to go to the big bookstores and pore over magazine covers, leaving with a few issues each time. Now, Next Issue allows me to consume everything imaginable—without the added cost and waste. One other, major advantage: all of the cool digital features like links to websites, video and animation, and sharing articles easily with friends and colleagues. WIRED’s iPad edition is one of my all-time favorites!

These are the themes I chose to curate below. Happy Reading!

The Nonstop Photo Festival:

Next Issue is like a non-stop photo festival, showcasing the work of the world’s best photographers. Aside from the obvious, great photojournalistic work in National Geographic, other magazines known for having excellent photography include Vogue, WIRED, Dwell, ESPN, Bon Appétit, New York Magazine, and more.

I Heart Magazine Covers:

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover, especially when it’s a magazine. I love magazine covers so much that I created a Pinterest board for them 3 yrs. ago.  They say something about the sophistication of their inside pages, and they have to do it so quickly while competing for shelf space. I tend to like ones that focus on big, bold images and not too much text.

There’s Beauty in Advertising:

Yeah, I said it. Some ads are actually artistic, employing great craft and creativity. Their creators often went to art school to be painters, illustrators and photographers. So why can’t their work sometimes be inspiring in ads, too?

My work: 



Connect with me:






The Nonstop Photo Festival

Queen of the Court


Vogue consistently has some of the most classic fashion photography out there. It’s great that they continue to hire the inimitable Annie Leibovitz, who photographed tennis star Serena Williams for the cover story.

Alpha: What's Inside Jell-O Dessert


I was flipping through WIRED and this shot caught my eye. Some rare mineral? Broken glass? No: Jell-O. Apparently it’s mostly made of cowhide and sugar. Eww. Photo by Adam Voorhes.

Viewpoint: First Look

Architectural Digest

This stunning building under construction is LA’s new contemporary arts museum, simply called “Broad”. Those honeycomb-like holes are for “channeling indirect natural light to the interiors.” Photo by Iwan Baan.

LightBox: The 5 Best Pictures of the Week


From TIME’s “The 5 Best Pictures of the Week”, this wild shot of a joint drill between U.S. and South Korean forces to prepare for any problems with North Korea. Photo by Jung Yeon-Je.

I Heart Magazine Covers

Cover Story: Almost Niño


I admit to being a total wannabe surfer. I tried once and found it insanely difficult. But the freedom of the sport is so appealing, and this cover (shot in Mavericks, the Cali surf spot which inspired the Apple OS of the same name) is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time. I like the gold font, too.

Cover Story: Us & Them


Esquire’s current issue includes both the funny and the naked on their cover. So, that pretty much covers everything. Plus, I think Nick Offerman is a talented actor and comedian. Great, clean design.

Cover Story: Cycladic Ideal

Condé Nast Traveler

Why wouldn’t you want to just jump into this cover and start your vacation now? Condé Nast Traveler has always included elegant travel photography, and this destination in Greece looks pretty enticing.

Cover Story: Anne Dorval, Super Mommy

Chatelaine (French)

That’s right, it’s the “Mai” cover of this magazine for French speakers/readers. My high school French will only get me through the page numbers, but I loved this cover for it’s bold background color and striped subject. I also think it’s great that I can dip into Canadian culture, plus bone up on mon français. This woman is a proud Quebecois and film star, Anne Dorval.

There is Beauty in Advertising

Ad for Canada / Newfoundland Labrador / Air Canada

Travel + Leisure

“Inspiring boxes of crayons since 1497”. Get it, ’cause the buildings are so colorful? I love all the history and a travel aesthetic tied into one clever ad, and good copywriting for ads is an art in and of itself.

Ad for NARS Cosmetics

W Magazine

Tilda Swinton makes everything more dramatic, including this ad for NARS cosmetics—shot in a somewhat classic Dutch painter school of soft light.

Ad for Adidas

ESPN The Magazine

Sneaker ads have been cool to me ever since Nike took over the game. Adidas does nicely too, and this ad has some great color and 3D graphic fantasy elements to it. Extra credit for the crazy hashtag .

Ad for Brown Jordan

Architectural Digest

This ad for furniture designer Brown Jordan is a lighthearted view of outdoor chairs, showcasing them in all their colorful glory. Love the whimsy in this photo.

#MarchMagness: VOTE on bracket picks for the very best sports stories this week

While the rest of the nation is making bets on the NCAA Tournament, we’ve put together a bracket all our own. 

March Magness Bracket

Welcome to March Magness! With your votes, we’re recruiting a “dream team” of the best sports stories for this week’s #WeekendReads. Monday through Thursday, help us choose the top story of the day—just head to Facebook and comment about the story you like best.

BONUS: Each day, one lucky voter will win a Next Issue t-shirt (they’re soft and perfect for watching some basketball or reading some magazines).

And as for the four winning stories? Look out for a “March Magness” category in your #WeekendReads newsletter this Saturday, and bask in the glory that those picks were hand-chosen by you.

Here’s the lineup. Daily winners to be announced here and on Facebook.

Day 1: College Basketball (because it is March Madness after all)


WINNER: Sports Illustrated (March 16, 2015) The five teams that might be able to upset the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats (and why)


Sports Illustrated (March 16, 2015) A special investigation into the sexual assault charges against former Duke guard Rasheed Sulaimon

Vote here.

Day 2: Golf


Golf Digest (April 2015) Rory McIlroy’s intense training ritual (and mindset) as he aims for a career Grand Slam


WINNERGolf Digest (April 2015) Writer Keely Levins goes undercover as a cart girl, finding out just how bad the ruthless flirting can get

Vote here.

Day 3: Running 


WINNER: Runners’ World (April 2015) The story of Tom Denniss, the man who spent 622 days running 16,300 miles through 18 countries, thus setting the world record


Running Times (March / April 2015) The story of Jack Daniels, the Olympian, coach, and now 82-year-old exercise physiologist responsible for the training philosophy serious runners swear by today

Vote here.

Day 4: Extreme Sports  


WINNER: Outside Magazine (April 2015) The most scrappy, alcohol-soaked, and dangerous competition of all time—which also happens to be the event that could save whitewater paddling as a sport


Men’s Journal (April 2015) A tale about the pair of friends who conquered El Capitan’s Dawn Wall, widely known as the sheerest and most difficult big-wall rock climb ever attempted

Vote here.

Thanks for voting! Read this week’s #WeekendReads (or start a 30 day FREE trial) to enjoy the winning stories and more.