TIME Person of the Year 2017: The Silence Breakers


Time magazine has named the social movement aimed at raising awareness about sexual harassment and assault as the most influential ‘person’ in 2017. Read the full article on the Texture app.


The Britney Spears Comeback and What it Really Means

"From Tears to Triumph," OK!, May 2, 2016
“From Tears to Triumph,” OK!, May 2, 2016

Everywhere you turn, there are signs of `90s nostalgia: A Friends frenzy thanks to Netflix, the Full House reboot, Hill & Bill and all their drama, and talk of a dot-com bubble. But the best evidence we’re in a full-tilt Gen Y moment was the anxiously awaited Britney Spears’ Billboard Music Awards performance. The pop icon received the BMA’s Millennium Award (past recipients include Whitney Houston and Beyoncé) and performed a set from her Vegas show, which is already a must-see moment for thirtysomething women. The show settled a recent gossip cover showdown that depicted Spears as either a hot mess or better than ever.  And the fact is you would have to be a bit of a bitch not to be rooting for Britney right now. She wasn’t just a star behaving badly when she dove head-shaved-first into tabloid sensationalism. She was suffering from an undiagnosed bipolar disorder, surrounded by show-biz cling-ons who were manipulating her, and woefully unable to care for two small children, herself, or a multi-million dollar fortune. As the top music editor of People at the time, I had an all-access pass to her leading a trail of paparazzi on crazy car chases to Malibu and back, or her Frappuccino-fueled step-and-repeats outside every single San Fernando Valley Starbucks. When it became apparent to myself and my colleagues just how ill she was in late fall 2007, the publication pulled back from covering most of her activities until January 2008, when her parents stepped in, hospitalized her, and confirmed to the world she was suffering from mental health issues. Recently, a story in Us raised questions about her father Jamie’s continued role in her life (as well as his over $120,000-a-year salary), quoting a New York Times piece that explored the strict conservatorship the 34-year-old has lived under since those dark days. The courts will one day soon decide whether Britney’s back, but there’s no denying she and her family have coped with a paralyzing disorder, making her a role model in a way we never thought possible in 1996. That’s what you call being stronger than yesterday.   Maggie Murphy, Editorial Director                                                                           @ThatMaggieM

This Week’s Top 10: Melania Trump’s Family Secrets, Anthony Weiner’s Meltdown, and Tips to Save Your Money

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"The Bold One," Allure, June 2016
“The Bold One,” Allure, June 2016
  1. You won’t believe what you see when a psychologist peels back a layer and examines the extraordinary mind of Donald Trump.
  2. Meet Elizabeth, the other (more candid) Olsen.
  3. Weekend work list? Make the most of your space with tips from an artist and her husband.
  4. Get in on the gossip. Melania Trump dishes on her marriage and her politics.

    "Lady and the Trump," GQ, June 2016
    “Lady and the Trump,” GQ, June 2016
  5. What does New York Magazine critic David Edelman have to say about the Weiner documentary?  “We’re voyeurs at a grisly spectacle, a modern political tragicomedy… Poor Huma [Abedin]. Poor us.”
  6. Texture’s first exclusive book excerpt was a hit! What do you think of The Bridge Ladies? The true story of a mother and daughter who repair their broken relationship over the game of bridge.
  7. Good Housekeeping insists we get our color on! Spend your weekend giving these hot color combos a try.

    "Best Family Beach Vacations," Coastal Living, June 2016
    “Best Family Beach Vacations,” Coastal Living, June 2016
  8. The 5 ways you can train your brain to save… because who doesn’t want more money?
  9. School’s (almost) out for summer! A guide to the 5 best family beach vacations.
  10. Want to get your body ready for the beach and still be a total beach bum? Maybe these 10 foods will help you lose those pesky pounds.

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ICYMI: Growing up Biden, the Face of Fox News, and Summer’s Biggest Blockbuster.

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Talk about a triple threat! Jodie Foster, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts collab for the first time ever in their upcoming summer hit Money Monster.


"When Stars Align," Entertainment Weekly, May 20, 2016
“When Stars Align,” Entertainment Weekly, May 20, 2016

Has Megyn Kelly already won the 2016 election? And 11 other questions answered by the face of Fox News.

"12 Questions with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly," TIME, May 23, 2016
“12 Questions with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly,” TIME, May 23, 2016

The Supreme Court may be undecided on the ‘contraceptive mandate,’ but Marie Claire is unwavering in its pro-choice stance. Read Part 1 and Part 2 of their reproductive rights series.

"Mission Critical: The Abortion Debate," Marie Claire, June 2016
“Mission Critical: The Abortion Debate,” Marie Claire, June 2016

Step aside Gigi, is Bella the new “it” girl?

"BELLA," Elle, June 2016
“BELLA,” Elle, June 2016

In an exclusive interview with Popular MechanicsVice President Joe Biden and son Hunter discuss the tragic loss of  Beau Biden, the bond between the Veep and his kids, and what growing up Biden truly means. This is one of those stories that makes you want to hug your kids —or call you parents.

"One Unit, Right to the Very End," Popular Mechanics, June 2016
“One Unit, Right to the Very End,” Popular Mechanics, June 2016


EARLY ACCESS: Girl Gone Wild

Vogue sits down with Margot Robbie, the summer’s hottest star, to discuss her upcoming roles in The Legend of Tarzan and Suicide Squad, and why she is no damsel in distress. Read the full interview in our app before it hits newsstands. 

"Girl Gone Wild," Vogue, June 2016
“Girl Gone Wild,” Vogue, June 2016

“In 2011—after working very hard with a dialect coach to perfect an American accent—she moved to Los Angeles and immediately got a part on the short-lived TV series Pan Am. A supporting role in Richard Curtis’s coming-of-age rom-com About Time followed, and then she was cast as Naomi—that minx from Bay Ridge—in The Wolf of Wall Street. It was a career-defining performance, one that left people agape: Who’s that? 

"Girl Gone Wild," Vogue, June 2016
“Girl Gone Wild,” Vogue, June 2016

As Jared Leto, her costar in Suicide Squad, puts it, ‘She took a role that other people would have had a very difficult time with and elevated it to something spectacular. To be able to stand alongside Leo [DiCaprio], one of the titans of the industry, and be there face-to-face, blow for blow, and not only hold her ground but really shine, was kind of a rare, explosive discovery. It reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.’ At first, Robbie wasn’t even sure she wanted to play such a shrewd ballbuster. ‘When I first read it, I thought, I have nothing in common with her. I hate her. It was a really tricky one to get my head around. But her motivation was ‘You guys are doing it—why shouldn’t I? It’s this man’s world, and I’m going to get mine.’ And I understand that.'” – Jonathan Van Meter

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Happy Birthday, Mark Zuckerberg!

Mark Zuckerberg with Annie Leibovitz in "Chalk and Cheese," Vanity Fair, October 2015.
Mark Zuckerberg with Annie Leibovitz in “Chalk and Cheese,” Vanity Fair, October 2015.

Today, the Facebook founder and crowned social network king turns 32. He told Fast Company that in 2009 his own personal goal was to wear a tie everyday. In the next decade, he has plans for virtual reality, drones, and other, much more ambitious, milestones.

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What Should You Read Today?

Head into the weekend with these four great reads suggested by our four editors. To read the full stories, tap the links from your phone or tablet. Not a member yet? Start your free trial here.

1. This week marked the 44th anniversary of Exile on Main Street, which is the perfect time to revisit the working life of Mick & Keith.

"The Ballad of Mick and Keith," Vanity Fair, April 2016
“The Ballad of Mick and Keith,” Vanity Fair, April 2016

2. Before Nike built a billion dollar business around Michael, Tiger, and Lance, they built a philosophy around a rock star runner.

"Pre and Me," Runner's World, June 2016
“Pre and Me,” Runner’s World, June 2016

3. Do you know about the Howard Stern of hip-hop? Meet Charlamagne Tha God.

"Tha God of Radio," New York Magazine, May 2 - 15, 2016
“Tha God of Radio,” New York Magazine, May 2 – 15, 2016

4. If your summer plans don’t include a coast-to-cost food tour, these 34 dishes will convince you otherwise.

"Around the Country in 34 Dishes," Travel + Leisure, June 2016
“Around the Country in 34 Dishes,” Travel + Leisure, June 2016

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How Steph Curry Balances Basketball & Family


Is This Why He’s Such a Happy Warrior? The best basketball player on the planet discusses his winning life off the court, with wife Ayesha, a rising culinary star, and their adorable daughters, Riley, 3, and 10-month-old Ryan. How The Couple First Met: In a church group, but, she says, “I wasn’t allowed to date. We always laugh we were both focused on God.” How He Proposed: “It was like something out of The Notebook,” he says. The Only Stat that Matters to Him: “Riley is at the age where she asks where I am and when I’ll be back, counting down how may ‘sleeps’ until Daddy gets home.” Plans for a Home Team Expansion? They’ve agreed to press pause and revisit the idea in about a year. “He’d have three more kids right now if he could,” says Ayesha.

Get a sneak peek of the Q&A with Steph and his wife from the June issue of Parents magazine.

So your date night is getting to watch him play?

SC: It’s not a date night. We’re in the same building, but it’s all eye contact from the stands to the court. And then we have the drive home.

AC: The drive home is the date.

Tell me more about eye contact during a game. 

SC: We have a pregame ritual right before tip-off where I do a sign, and she does it back.

What’s the sign?

SC: Should I give it away?

AC: No.

[Awkward pause.]

SC: We have matching tattoos.

AC: I guess he’s giving it away. [Stephen lifts his sleeve and reveals a tattoo on his left triceps of two arrows pointing at each other.] Why are you flexing your muscles?

SC: I have to show it. This signifies that the past is behind us and the future is in front of us, so we stay in the middle, in the moment I smack my tattoo and she does the same.

AC: It’s a reminder for him to have fun. I never want him to forget that.

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EARLY ACCESS: Fame Won’t Change Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer2

Vanity Fair’s exclusive interview with the unbelievable, and uncensored, Amy Schumer is now live in our app.

“Followers of Schumer’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, where she often posts pictures of herself and Kim, know Caramele as #roadmanager, a nickname she acquired when she worked for her sister in that capacity after she joined the staff of Inside Amy Schumer. “I’d go to all her [stand-up] shows,” Caramele said. “I was really the liaison between her and the venues. I’d talk to the venue, make sure that everything was O.K., that she had everything she needed, that the house was opening on time. Which is funny, as one thinks back on it, because usually when you see people and their managers, they don’t look like me. I would show up in sweatpants and braids, and people would be like, ‘Who the fuck is this girl?’ I’d be”—she affected an angry, manager-y voice—“ ‘This stool doesn’t have a back and it should.’ And they’d be, ‘Uh, what … ?’ But it made sense because I wanted everything to go well because I love her and care about her. It was a really natural protective thing for me to do.”

Amy Schumer

I told Caramele that it sounded as if she helped keep her sister on an even keel. Not exactly, Kim replied. “She’s not like this dramatic person who will call me with problems every night. She doesn’t call for emotional support. It’s more like if she tweets something or posts a picture of herself on Instagram sitting on a toilet, I’ll text her and be like, ‘Babe … ?’ And she’ll be like, ‘Sorry!’ She used to ask me, like, ‘Can I tweet this?’ And I’d be, ‘No!’ But now she doesn’t ask me and I just yell at her after the fact.”  – Bruce Handy


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Jennifer Garner Finally Speaks Out About Ben Affleck — Exclusive Vanity Fair Interview in Texture

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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s seemingly happy 10-year marriage defied all Hollywood norms—only to crash to a halt last June when they announced their divorce amid rumors that Affleck had been having an affair with the family’s nanny, 28-year-old Christine Ouzounian.

Now, after nearly a year spent in the center of a “tabloid hurricane,” Jennifer Garner is finally ready to move on.

Vanity Fair 2016-03-01 00:00:00 Cover

In this month’s Vanity Fair cover story, Garner opens up about her marriage (“He’s the love of my life”), the divorce and media frenzy (“I took a silent oath with myself last summer to stay offline,”) the nanny (“I have had to have conversations [with my children] about the meaning of ‘scandal'”), and her career (she’s the lead in this month’s Miracles from Heaven).

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